The tragic assassination of Vennessa Gulian opens up a new chapter and reveals many truths

The tragic assassination of Vennessa Gulian opens up a new chapter and reveals many truths

Updated on August 17, 2023 11:47 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Know the characters of the story; Robbinson, Aguilar, and Gullian

(Know the characters of the story; Robbinson, Aguilar, and Gullian /Image

Gullian belonged to the U.S. Army. Aron was known to be an army specialist. Cecily was known to have had an affair with him and assisted Aron in killing Gillian. 

Know the story behind what happened and the killing of Gullian

Aron was known to be a specialist and all of the armed fraternity knew that he was married. All of a sudden, Gullian saw his phone's wallpaper which had a picture of  Aguilar. What bothered Aron when he got to know that Gullian knows it

That’s when the story began. Aron knew that if the secret got leaked through Gullian, it would be a mess for his reputation, and that he has to find a way out. 

Know more of the insights and what the story has to say

Since Aron signed the rules and claims of the armed forces, it is strictly prohibited to not abide by the rules that are once set for the armed officials. 

Robbinson had to find a way out for the betterment of his reputation 

Since his rank was an Army specialist, it would cost him a lot of insult and disrespect to have an affair with a Texas lady named Aguilar. So he along with Aguilar planned on it. 

What both of them planned and executed their clever approach 

Aron planned to smash Gullians head with a hammer and then later on, her dead body was supposed to be locked in a case and to be drowned in the Leon River. 

What happened more in the story about why he killed her and the aftermath 

Just when they got successful in killing Gullian, they planned to lock it up and throw it in the river. Soon when the truth got revealed, let’s know more about what happened. 

The aftermath of killing a US armed lady and what Aron did for the defence 

Aron couldn’t stand the fact that he, being an armed specialist, killed another armed lady for the sake of his dignity. He shot himself and died. He couldn’t stand the truth that why did Robbinson kill Venessa Gullian. 

The reaction of the government of the US and the armed fraternity 

In the court, the process is still going on and the real story still hasn’t unfolded yet but the investigations are being done to know more of it. The story is going to unfold more of what’s not even expected. 

The story had a lot of untold truths and hidden agendas

It remains a mystery as to why did Robbinson kill Venessa Gullian, the plan and its execution and what exactly convinced Aron to take his own life. Sadly, it took two lives. 

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