Kris Jenner Is Taking A Shower In Kylie Jenner's Bathroom And Yells At James Corden, His Assistant

Kris Jenner Is Taking A Shower In Kylie Jenner's Bathroom And Yells At James Corden, His Assistant

Updated on April 14, 2023 11:42 AM by Andrew Koschiev

The late-night host is ready for his morning shower, Rise and Shine. The host took a moment to refresh himself during a Late Late Show segment, during which he was Kris Jenner's assistant for the day—which led her to find him showering at her office. In the video of April 11, Kris screamed as she found a naked James mid-wash when she opened the bathroom at Kylie Jenner's office.

As an assistant, James continued to work

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Kris screamed, "What do you think? That can't be erased!"James, get out of the shower!" she yelled outside the door. "James, get out of the shower!" During the comics' scream for privacy, Kris said, "I could get in much trouble for this. Someone might sue us." As a result of this bathroom detour, James continued to work as an assistant. 

He got back on track after getting out of the shower and dressed by bringing Khloe Kardashian a salad. In addition to shaking their meal up, down, and side to side, the two played up the famous salad shake seen on The Kardashians. He also assisted Kim Kardashian by driving her to the gas station, where she picked up gum and gummy bears.

Getting on the ground was a joke with a patron

However, the Good American founder's lunch rested on James' shoulders. As soon as James entered the gas station, he donned his secret service hat and joked with a patron to get on the ground to avoid being noticed. As they exited the station, Kim giggled so loudly that she held up her hand to cover her mouth. 

Then James filmed his confessional scenes as the Kardashian-Jenner clan does for their Hulu reality show after finishing up his daily duties, which included making phone calls for Kris. The way Kris looks at me after that shower is a little different," he confessed, "and there's a twinkle in her eye." James spilled tea on Khloe by saying, "She's a bitch, but feeding her was fun." 

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