All About Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 4 Children

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The Four Children of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward are Queen Elizabeth's children. In her 1972 wedding anniversary address, the Queen said, "If asked what I think about family life after 25 years of marriage, I am for it." Learn about Charles, the heir apparent, Princess Anne, "sensitive" Edward, and scandal-prone Andrew.

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles was born in Buckingham Palace on 11/14/1948. He's the heir to the British throne and the queen's oldest son. 9-year-old Prince Charles was named Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester. Prince Charles studied archaeology, anthropology, and history at Cambridge. First royal heir to graduate college. In his 20s, he joined the Royal Navy like his father. He became a pilot afterward. When he left the military in 1976, he commanded H.M.S. Bronington. He founded The Prince's Trust afterward. He began dating Diana Spencer in 1980; they became engaged in 1981. Prince William was born after their 1981 wedding. Prince Charles and Diana had Harry in 1984. Second child.

Charles and Diana both cheated during their marriage. Their divorce was finalized in August 1996. Diana died in a vehicle crash the following year.

The king started dating Camila Parker Bowles, whom he dated before Diana. He married Camila in 2005. Prince Charles is a philanthropist who cares about the environment and global warming. Camila labels him a "workaholic" because he's always busy. When free, he paints. Five grandchildren are Charles's. William and Kate Middleton handed him Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince Charles presented his first State Opening of Parliament speech on May 10, 2022, because his mother couldn't attend. He joked about being king by saying he went to T.K. Maxx "People were trying to get in while waiting for me to go. My biography."

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Princess Anne

Having been born in London, Princess Anne has been a royal member of the family from her birth on August 15, 1950. In reference to his daughter, a passionate horse rider, Prince Philip once famously stated, "If it doesn't fart or eat hay, she isn't interested." Princess Anne is also recognized for her lack of frivolity when it comes to fashion, as seen by the fact that she often recycles her attire despite being in her 70s. Princess Anne dated Andrew Parker Bowles in 1970, before he wed Camilla, demonstrating how tight-knit the royal family really is. Princess Anne married Olympic gold winner Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, only four months after her divorce from Parker Bowles, with whom she maintains a cordial friendship to this day.

Princess Anne was almost taken hostage on March 20, 1974. Ian Ball, a would-be kidnapper, veered in front of Princess Anne's chauffeured Rolls Royce and shot at the vehicle, wounding four passengers. According to onlookers, when Ball tried to get the princess out of the car, she said, "Not bloody likely!"

In a television interview from 1978, Princess Anne recounted the ordeal and played down her own bravery. She described her interaction with Ball as a "conversation" in which they decided whether or not to leave the house when Ball opened the door. "I expressed some uncertainty about whether or not I actually wanted to go. Due to my belief that being overly harsh at that point would be foolish, I was quite nice."

In 1976, Princess Anne made history as the first member of the British royal family to compete in the Olympics. She rode horses in the equestrian competition at the Games held in Montreal. In the end, she finished in 24th position, and Great Britain finished in 9th.

Anne and her first husband had a son, Peter, in 1977, and a daughter, Zara, in 1981; they chose not to bestow royal titles upon either of their children. Both the princess and Phillips were unfaithful, which led to their divorce in April 1992 and subsequent separation in 1989. After an extramarital romance, Princess Anne wed Sir Timothy Laurence in December of that year.

In 2018, the Queen's daughter attended more than 500 engagements, making her one of the busiest royals. Anne has quipped that she will be remembered by future royals as the "boring old fuddy-duddy in the rear saying, 'Don't forget the essentials.'

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Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew was born on February 19, 1960, as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's third child. Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy after finishing school, like his brother Charles. His father, Prince Philip, later gave him Royal Air Force Wings. Prince Andrew became Duke of York after marrying Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson in 1986. Despite their 1992 separation and 1996 divorce, they continue to live together and remain close to their daughters.

Andrew's name has been synonymous with sex trafficker since Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison. Prince Andrew resigned as U.K. Special Representative for International Trade and Investment in 2011 because of Epstein.

A survivor of Epstein's trafficking operation sued Prince Andrew for sexual abuse in 2019. She alleges she had intercourse with Andrew three times between 1999 and 2002. Prince Andrew denied the claims in a November BBC interview. In 2022, the palace removed Andrew's military titles and royal patronages, and he and Giuffre settled out of court.

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Prince Edward

Prince Edward was born on March 10, 1964, at Buckingham Palace to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The "most charming and sensitive son" of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh is often beneath the radar, although he caused a stir in 1987 when he resigned from the Royal Marines during initial training, apparently much to his father's dismay.

A close friend of Prince Edward's at the time, model Romy Adlington, recently told reporters, "Edward has been subjected to an unspeakable torture and has no one to advocate for him. As one of his closest friends, I feel obligated to let the world know that he is just a regular guy who is facing a tough choice. While his brothers have greater obligations due to their position in the line of succession, he is nonetheless constrained from acting on his own whims. What's it like to walk around the park by yourself?' is a question he's asked me numerous times. How does it feel to go into a store and not be the centre of attention? Simply being able to do it would fulfil all of his needs."

Prior to establishing his now-defunct film production company Ardent Productions, Prince Edward worked as a composer for Andrew Lloyd Webber after leaving the Marines.

Even though he was rather low on the royal totem pole, Prince Edward was a legitimate candidate for the throne of Estonia. It is said that in 1994, after Estonia gained its independence from the Soviet Union, he was approached by the country's Royalist party, who wanted him to become the country's leader. He declined with courtesy.

In a "casual" royal wedding on June 19, 1999, Prince Edward wed Sophie Rhys-Jones, a public relations executive, and the two became the Earl and Countess of Wessex. James, Viscount Severn, and Lady Louise are their children together. The parents decided against bestowing HRH titles upon their offspring. Since his father's passing, Prince Edward has assumed many of the duties of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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