Some ways you are wiping out your expensive laptop, phone, tablet and TV!

Some ways you are wiping out your expensive laptop, phone, tablet and TV!

Published on March 16, 2022 14:38 PM by FactsWOW Team

Big investment devices

It would be best to treat your tech well to get your money's worth. Put tempered glass to protect your phone. When your cellphone drops, the glass gets nicked; thus, you can remove the glass and buy a new one.

The phone gets plugged in all time

Apple: If your iPhone gets a full charge for a prolonged period, your battery health can be affected.

Android: The entire Android phone cannot get charged for an extended period till overnight.

Huawei: Always maintain your battery level to the middle of 30% to 70% as possible, which keeps your phone with effective and prolonged battery life.

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Charge and discharge of laptops

In Laptop batteries, there are many charge-discharge cycles. If you frequently let your charge in, it will affect the charge-discharge process and diminish the life. You regularly charge your laptop from 30% to 50%, otherwise 20% each time you set it. You can do it five times, then you can complete your battery cycle, and it gets charged 100%.

Your cheapest replacement

If you lost your charger or cable to save a few dollars, you would go with the cheapest, which affect your device the most. The cheapest charges are hazardous. In the most affordable chargers, they are under the guidelines of safety and quality testing that leads to severe burns and shocks.

Careless about devices

Many phones resist water, dust, etc. If you leave your phone in a hot car or out in the sun, it can damage your device. Lithium-ion batteries can stop discharging electricity in freezing temperatures.

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