‘Meta Verified’ Tags - Their Bargain in the Indian Economy

‘Meta Verified’ Tags - Their Bargain in the Indian Economy

Updated on February 22, 2023 16:54 PM by Andrew Koschiev

With Meta Inc–owned Facebook and Instagram, you cannot get the ‘verified user’ tick just like that. You need to pay up to avail that option going forward. 

Yes, you heard it right, IG and Facebook are also moving in the path of Twitter by creating a payment mode to become verified users. 

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Though it might cause a sense of ease in the case of fake accounts. Who will benefit from this? Who will use this option?

The ones reaping the benefit from this would be celebrities, businesses, or influencers. Normal Indian users may find the tag expensive.

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg gave further clarification in his recent Facebook post stating, Meta Verified - will be first rolled out in Australian and New Zealand microblogging sites and later will be released to the rest of the world. 

Mitesh Kothari, co-founder and COO of White Rivers Media, shared that the ‘Pricing will be quite steep, further we know the complete list of justified benefits, it will be difficult to see value for individuals.’

Those who use social media platforms for business, influencers, content creators, small businesses, and brands might find this as an investment option and also be recognized as a Meta Verified user account. 

It will be a monthly subscription starting from $11.99 ( Rs 992) per month on the web and $14.99 (Rs 1,240) on the iOS platform. 

Presumably, this cost is higher when compared to Twitter, which is providing their subscription at Rs 650 and Rs 900 per month on the website and mobile, correspondingly. 

You will need a government ID for getting the blue badge and extra impersonification protection. 

In Zuckerberg’s POV, this will increase authenticity and security amongst services. 

From a celebrity, POV owing a verified badge will become not only a necessity but also will bring a sense of credibility and reputation for them. 

When it comes to Indian Facebook and Intamates, acquiring a blue tick would not be their first choice. ‘It is believed that over 500 million people use these microblogging sites and only a few thousand will be concerned about acquiring the blue tick’, Sengar stated recently. 

Again it depends on the people's necessity

“There will be people who believe in getting the blue tick at any cost just for the sake of boasting it. And there will be people who will have the necessity of getting the blue tick even if do not want it”
 Sengar added, ‘I am unsure if people will enjoy the same benefits they are receiving now for verified accounts in the future. ’ 

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