Medalist Attempted Suicide After Escaping the Blast; Later Through The Healing Of Cycling, Finally Found The Life And Track Towards Success

Medalist Attempted Suicide After Escaping the Blast; Later Through The Healing Of Cycling, Finally Found The Life And Track Towards Success

Updated on December 23, 2021 17:43 PM by Anthony Christian

The superhero will always hunt for the best ways to win without losing hope, right? The animated characters and actors in the movies are not only superheroes. Warriors of the army are also superheroes. That's why the retired U.S Major Shawn Morelli chose cycling on tracks after retiring from the army due to left eye blindness, brain trauma, and spinal and neck damage in an explosion. Shawn doesn't choose cycling as an exercise or hobby; she wins two gold medals in the 2020 Paralympics.

Blast Made Her Blind, But She Figured Out What Is Her Future

Escaping from the explosion is not a common or easy thing. Generally, while running from a great danger, everyone feels lucky and feels they have got an excellent chance to enjoy their life. But, Shawn Morelli couldn't enjoy it after escaping the explosion, as she lost her left eye vision and suffered from brain trauma. Also, Shawn's neck and spine are damaged due to the explosion. Shawn felt self-destructive, so to end the physical and mental pain, she decided to commit suicide.

Shawn approached alcohol to get support for reducing the pain. However, Shawn's goal is to be better today than yesterday, improve her hope to recover, and live to make a new and pleasing chapter in her life. Therefore, after accepting the pain and understanding what is happening to her, which could heal her, Shawn figures out what she will do in her life further. Though there is a tragic down, the next up in Shawn's life is thriving and inspiring.

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Cycling Becomes Healing

You may know cycling as a sport, exercise, or entertainment. But have you heard that cycling is a healing factor? For Shawn Morelli, cycling is the best healing path to get stronger both mentally and physically.

Sports Is Not Stress

Do you think sports makes player more stress due to regular practices and aim to success? I don't know what will be your and other sports player's answer. But Shawn Morelli’s answer is 'NO.' As Shawn was a veteran, cycling was easy for her. Also, she believes that her career in the US army is helping in many ways for her cycling career. According to Shawn, racing a bike is not pressure like working in a compacted zone with huge responsibilities.

Planning For Passion

As Shawn had recovered from explosion pains and win more medals in her cycling career, it doesn't mean there are no other interesting phases in her life. There is an additional part as a football coach. Shawn Morelli says, "Soccer is still my passion; if I could still play, I would." So Shawn decided to take advanced certification and to be a coach.

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