Exclusive Premiere: Winning Time Season 2 - Watch it on HBO and Max!

Exclusive Premiere: Winning Time Season 2 - Watch it on HBO and Max!

Updated on August 08, 2023 11:18 AM by Andrew Koschiev

(Exclusive Premiere: Winning Time Season 2 - Watch it on HBO and Max! Image Credits: Deadline)

A drama or a TV show discussing 1980’s Lakers, is “WinningTime: The Rise of Lakers Dynasty” Season 2. Season 1 displayed the tough basketball players, as a great team, and in Season 2 you’ll witness their 1980 NBA finals to the 1984 journey. Season 2, is based on Jeff Pearlman's interesting book, written about the 1980s Lakers dynasty. Fans are excited to see the legendary Winning Time Season 2 cast and the lighter side of these iconic players. The serial showcase, Lakers some epic fails and comical mishaps, to their struggle to become one of the best NBA teams. Season 2 surely explores the Laker's determination and the incredible foundation of the Winning Time Lakers dynasty. Don’t miss the slam dunk entertainment with comedy.

Winning Time Release Schedule 

Winning Time Premiere Date, was August 6. Every Sunday night, a new Winning Time online episode, aired on HBO and HBO Max, Eastern Time. 9:00-10:14 p.m. Gracefully end your weekend with the breathtaking basketball drama. For sports fans watch the missed episode, at 10:15 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time. 

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How to Watch Winning Time Season 2 Online

( How to Watch Winning Time Season 2 Online Image Credits: Slash Film)

Viewers have two options to Watch Winning Time Online; HBO and HBO Max.

Cable Subscribers tune their Tv to HBO or HBO Max, or stream all season episodes on-demand. Watching HBO Max is your ticket to basketball paradise, pay $9.99 to HBO or HBO Max per month and watch the exclusive content.

Winning Time International release 

“Winning Time” Season 2 “ The Rise of Lakers dynasty”, coming your way wherever you are. Winning Time Season 2 UK, on provided dates viewers can watch Lakers drama on Sky Atlantic and NOW along with show streaming. Same go for the Winning Time Canada, available on Crave, and for Australia,  jump on the Binge bandwagon or tune Foxtel Now for all the Lakers action.

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Winning Time Season 2 Synopsis 

( Winning Time Season 2 Synopsis Image Credits: Popsugar)

Winning Time Season 2 showcases the journey of the Lakers from 1980 to 1984. They beautifully manage the challenges and emerge as a powerful NBA team. Success always comes with a fair share of difficulties, as the Lakers face tough challenges, starting from the success of the 1980 NBA Finals. They tried to find the perfect balance for success and the team adapt multiple changes. From season 2 we’ll have a glimpse of players' personal life and how they stick together. In short winning Time, season 2 is the story of determination and spirit.

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Winning Time Season 2 Facts vs. Fiction

It is the real story of the Lakers' journey in the 1980s, with some creativity in the story. Some events and characters are fictionalized for storytelling. It is not sure that season shows the exact history of events and relationships. Find the difference between fact and fiction faced by the Lakers during that period, and appreciate the creativity on the screen story. 


It is the perfect balance of competition and comedy. The show is based on real events, with some spice of creativity. As a basketball fan, looking for some entertainment, "Winning Time" Season 2 is there for you.

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