Amazon's hysterical product reviews!

Published on March 16, 2022 13:32 PM by FactsWOW Team

Hutzler Banana Slicer

It is the quick solution to cut bananas uniformly every time. The customer reviews of 5000 plus for this kitchen implement spoof were useless in bizarre yet creative ways.

Yodeling Pickle

It is used as a children's toy to calm an Alzheimer's patient and reconnect with family members. Many reviews said it was a useless gag gist as a plastic pickle that yodels.

Skyfall On Blu-Ray

According to the Box Office Mojo, this Skyfall took $1.1 billion worldwide and rated it as 92 percent Fresh on Rotten tomatoes. Reviews of the customer on Amazon can be notoriously one-sided.

Giant Gummy Bears Party Python

On a 27 pound snake made of sugar and gelatin, you would spend $150. That only becomes slimy, stale hairy after a few days. The purchased review was the gummy snakes beg to differ.

Beach Behemoth

Trying to control or even run away from a 12-foot beach ball. It will get complicated in windy weather, as reviewers said.

Uranium ore

Tin of natural uranium ore range from the apparent gags by reviewers. It was the recommendations of scientists experimenting with gamma radiation.

Japanese Shouting Vase

The frazzled author uses a Japanese jar to contain screams of stress to cope with the fury. It results from having useless coworkers by author review.

Wenger Giant knife

87-implement Swiss Army-style knife has spawned hundreds of Amazon reviews with $10,000, almost as absurd as the product itself.

Satechi Phone Mount

As per the customers, it was surviving as a life-threatening incident.

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