Webb Space Telescope Images Teased by NASA

Webb Space Telescope Images Teased by NASA

Updated on July 07, 2022 18:04 PM by Ava Sara

Almost a week from now, NASA will release the first full-resolution images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, a milestone for the agency. As part of its blog post Wednesday, the organization shared a snippet of an incomplete picture taken by a space-bound instrument early in its alignment process.In the orange image, 72 exposures were taken over 32 hours to reveal the deepest reaches of space. The Telescope's Twitter account wrote Wednesday: "Take a look at this test image - an unexpected and deep view of the universe - captured by the Fine Guidance Sensor in May."

Neil Rowlands, a program scientist for Webb's Fine Guidance Sensor, says the images returned are better than researchers expected."As the Webb telescope produced better-than-expected image quality, we intentionally defocused the guiders by a small amount during commissioning. met their performance According to Rowlands, when the image was taken, I was thrilled to see all the details in these faint galaxies. If deep broad-band guider images are taken simultaneously with other observations, then perhaps such images could prove scientifically useful in the future."

As one of four science instruments built on the Webb Telescope, the Fine Guidance Sensor will be used virtually throughout the telescope's lifetime. These operations will begin in a few days after the first images are released.NASA administrator Bill Nelson confirmed earlier this year that images from the telescope would be the deepest in space.The human race has never been further ahead than this, Nelson said. It's going to explore objects in the solar system and atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting other stars, giving us clues about whether their atmospheres might be similar to our own."

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