Time Travel vs. Time Jump: There is a huge difference

Time Travel vs. Time Jump: There is a huge difference

Updated on August 08, 2022 19:18 PM by Anna P

Time - the ultimate existence

Everybody knows that the clocks on airplanes and satellites orbiting the Earth travel at a different speed than Earth. 

Everything is time bound, but one cannot jump through time, as shown in the movie Interstellar.

We all are traveling in time; nevertheless, time is the ultimate existence that is always present around the Universe. Time, space, and gravity are constant anywhere around the vast Universe.

We are traveling for one year in time between our summer holidays. We cannot jump out of time because that is not possible. However, all of us are traveling in the timeframe at supposedly the same speed, which is one second per second.

Speed of time is constant

Time is constant in speed around every portion of the world. Maybe some portion of the planet Earth gets the first rays of the Sun much before the other parts of the Earth, but that does not define that the speed is changing.

The speed of time is constant on planet Earth because the Earth revolves around the Sun at the same speed every 365 days. 

It has been spinning on its axis at the exact speed since the solar system's formation, so time has always been at the same speed.

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Can a time jump be possible?

Scientists cannot confirm yet whether one can time travel; they cannot find any evidence that shows that the way of jumping through time is possible or not. Usually, jumping through time requires the time slot to be bent; in that case, Earth's constant speed will be affected.

Moreover, gravity and time are constant, so jumping through time might affect the gravitational pull on planet Earth and even create a stir through its revolution around the Sun. 

Moreover, magnetic fields around Earth keep all types of toxic substances and objects from space at bay. Now, the time jump will affect the magnetic fields leading it to create more trouble in its existence following all forms of asteroids and passing comets getting sucked into the Earth’s atmosphere.

These sudden changes in the magnetic fields and the gravitational pull will affect the other planets’ gravitational pull around Earth, creating unimaginable chaos. 

Not only is planet Earth, technically time jump is not possible even on other planets of our Solar system.

The scientific existence of time travel

But, yes, one can look back in time if that is what you want to talk about time travel. NASA's various high-end space telescopes give us a way to look back in time.

The high-end telescopes that NASA has created and some of them are even sent to outer space; now, technically, they help us see the stars and outer galaxies that are billions of light years away. 

Scientifically, the light emitted through those stars and faraway galaxies takes a heck of a time to reach us. So, the light from these stars and galaxies travels through time and reaches us.

So, when we look into the night sky with a high-end telescope and detect some galaxies and stars, we see what those stars and galaxies looked like a long time ago. So, scientifically we see the past.

The pictures available online of all the other galaxies are all in the past. 

This light has traveled billions of years through space to reach the telescope, so it has time-traveled, and the pictures we are seeing are that of the galaxies in the past.

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It’s only in movies and fiction

Nevertheless, when we think of the term time travel, we always consider jumping through time, thus traveling faster than one second per second. 

Traveling through time faster than one second by bending is that kind of time travel that sounds like something we would only see in movies or science fiction books. 

In the science fiction stories and movies, it is shown that once the prominent characters have traveled through time by using a bizarre time machine, they struggle with what happens if they change the past or the future based on information they have found in the present.

Now that is technically impossible as this means having two-time paths, where the time travel stories cross with the idea of having parallel universes or alternate timelines. 

Now that is all about jumping from one time to another and changing certain things. 

In various fantasy children's books like Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermoine’s character uses an hourglass to jump back in time to get on with her extra classes. Now that hourglass is the time machine, as signified by J.K Rowling.

So, this jumping through time is only possible in fantasy novels and marvel comics, along with manga comics and anime, where it looks interesting to see that some people are getting to comprehend what is going to happen in destiny or at least able to change an error of the past.

In reality, jumping through time is impossible, or else we could have been able to bring back the dead.

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Theoretical evidence of time travel

However, time travel is possible, and science has proved it every moment.

More than a century ago, a genius scientist named Albert Einstein came up with the idea of how time travel works. He named his new theory relativity. 

According to this theory of Albert Einstein, it says that time and space are interlinked together. 

On the other hand, Stephen Hawking added that gravity is present everywhere in the Universe, drawing inspiration from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. 

However, Stephen Hawking never said one could jump through time; he ruled that out.

There is a certain speed limit:

Albert Einstein also calculated and theorized that our Universe has a certain speed limit. Everything is moving at a limited speed.

So, then and again, a time jump is impossible as it would affect the speed limit of all the objects, including the suspended dust in space.

Nothing in the Universe can travel faster than the speed of light, which is one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second. So, again, the theory returns to the fact that the time jump is not possible, but time travel is possible through objects and space.

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What is the mystery of time travel?

Now the question arises what does it mean when people talk about time travel

According to the relativity hypothesis, the faster one travels through time, the slower one experiences time. 

It is applicable in reality; the Earth is spinning at the fastest speed unimaginable for the human mind to access. As a result, we can't experience that speed; as time is slowing down, the whole experience can see the Sun rising and setting, clouds moving, and the months passing by at a much slower speed than originally happening.

However, scientists have conducted exclusive experiments to show that this concept is authentic.

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Scientific evidence of time travel:

Scientists did an experiment using two clocks set at the same time. One clock stayed on the ground of Earth’s crust, and the other was placed in an airplane flying in a specific direction. However, scientists have ensured that the airplane with the clock goes in the same direction as the Earth spins.

After the airplane flew worldwide, scientists analogized the two clocks - one on the Earth’s ground and the other on the moving airplane.

Now, the clock on the fast-moving airplane was slightly behind the clock on the ground. Now that is also known as time decay since the Earth has its speed, and it is moving along with the airplane moving at a much faster speed, making the time slow down.

As a result, the time decay would slow down the seconds on one clock than on the other. So, the clock on the aircraft was traveling slightly slower in time than the clock on the ground. Now the time decay is happening one second per second.

The faster you move, the higher the speed; now, as the speed is higher, the time will have to adjust with the Earth's gravitational pull and slow down to make every object visible to the naked eye. 

Scientific time travel is possible in this way, where time, gravity, and speed determine the existence of every creature on Earth, or else nothing will be perceivable to the naked eye for humans.

Time Travel vs. Time Jump:

Scientists are using time travel in their everyday life to detect the stars and galaxies in the outer world. 

So, time travel is possible and exists in the present Universe. 

However, we should be less dramatic about time machines and traveling through the future or the past and coming face to face with us. Most importantly, a person cannot have two futures or two pasts. 

So, bending time and landing in the future or the past is distorting time and making the existence of a person or an object at two places in one given time frame. Now that is impossible.

So, as a whole, we cannot use a time machine to travel hundreds of years into the past or thousands of years into the future. 

Even though Earth is young and our home star - the Sun - is not dying out in billions of years, time travel will always be there in the future. But, the time jump is still a doubtful factor.

The kind of time jump where one reaches a different era only happens in books, anime, and science fiction movies for people's entertainment. 

This time jump factor is also one of the reasons scientists and astronomers always predict the future in horoscopes and astrology with a pinch of salt.

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Real-life usage of time travel:

But according to Physics and Math, time travel exists within the time frame and affects the things we use daily. 

Now time travel is used for GPS satellites that revolve around our Earth. Numerous GPS satellites are spinning around the Earth.

These GPS Satellites help people find ways and means of getting to new places on land. The GPS helps scientists track all the territorial locations on the Earth. 

NASA scientists have recently sent more high-accuracy versions of GPS to revolve around our planet. These GPS satellites track all the other satellites sent to the other planets. 

Some of these GPS Satellites even help track where the high-end satellites are in space. For your information, GPS relies on time-travel calculations to help people find their way around the townlet.

It also helps scientists to keep track of all the satellites and rockets which have passed through the Kuiper belt in outer space.

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Tracking through time travel:

Various GPS satellites are orbiting around Earth at a very high speed of about eight thousand seven hundred miles or approximately fourteen thousand kilometers per hour. 

This scientific factor slows down GPS satellite clocks by a small fraction of a second every time they take a round of the Earth. 

Moreover, Earth is spinning on its axis and around the Sun, so the whole time travel calculation is similar to the airplane clock experiment as worked out by the scientists above.

However, the satellites are also not only orbiting the Earth, but along with that, they are also revolving around the Sun.

Some GPS satellites are spinning around the Earth at about twelve thousand five hundred and fifty miles, around twenty thousand two hundred kilometers above the surface. Upon that, the satellites are keeping up with the Earth’s revolution.

So, to beat time, the speed of the GPS satellite clocks has to be a bit higher than the clocks on the Earth’s ground. Now the speed is about a fraction of a second higher.

Moreover, the atmospheric pressure is much lower in the upper layers of our thick atmosphere. So, the magnetic fields are much lighter, and the gravitational pull gets weaker.

So, high up where the satellite's orbit is present, Earth's weak gravity makes it easy to move fast. This weaker gravity causes the clocks on GPS satellites to run faster than on the ground.

The theory of time travel:

Albert Einstein's theory has already proved that time and space are linked and present everywhere in the Universe.

He also said that the presence of gravity in the Universe always curves space and time. This curving of space and time causes the passage of time to slow down when the speed is accelerated.

Stephen Hawking proved the presence of gravity, time, and even space in black holes. However, keeping Einstein’s theory in hand, he has also drawn the calculation that time travels in a different pattern inside black holes.

According to Stephen Hawking, “We have got the best evidence that time travel is not possible, as shown in science fiction stories, and it never will be possible. If a time travel machine existed in the future then why have we not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future?"

He wanted to mean building a time machine and jumping from era to era does not exist and will never exist shortly.

Now, loads of people tried to turn his theory false by showing videos and pieces of evidence of people at the wrong time and in the wrong place. But, that did not make any difference because none of the videos and photos had scientific reliability.

He has said that black holes suck in objects from the space that goes into nowhere, so the space within the black hole or the mass within the black hole never increases or decreases.

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Time travel used in various technologies

So, time travel is used in various technologies in our present world.

Moreover, the combined result is that the clocks on GPS satellites experience time speed at a rate slightly faster than one second per second. Luckily, scientists know the theory of relativity, thanks to Albert Einstein, so they do the math to correct the differences in time.

Time travel is also used in determining the latitudes and longitudes of the Earth, the Greenwich Meridian time, and even the time on the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, and Southern hemisphere.

When a rocket is launched outside the Earth’s atmosphere, its speed is set by the scientists keeping the time travel calculations in mind.

Moreover, Scientists always need to remember that time travel shows different times in different places; that’s why when it is night in America, it must be a day in Japan. 

Time travel makes the Line Islands, which includes parts of the Kiribati and Tonga islands, celebrate the new year first among all the territories worldwide.

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The need to keep up with time:

Scientists always need to note the GPS clocks, and if they didn't correct them, there would be big problems with the huge time gap and even cause losing connections with the Earth’s GPS due to time decay. 

GPS satellites always need to tally the exact location of a car speeding through Kentucky roads. Now with scientists forget to correct the clocks in the 

GPS satellites, the GPS map would not be able to correctly calculate your position sitting in that car heading through the roads of Kentucky. 

An incorrect or non-updated GPS satellite will fail to tally with the clocks on Earth, causing enough time decay which will lead to errors in the calculation of the miles or kilometers.

Now every day’s errors would pile up to a few miles, which would slow the GPS down each day, which is a big deal for a person traveling to a new place with the help of that GPS. 

GPS maps would calculate wrong and might show the location of your home is nowhere near it, causing havoc problems for the traveling person.

Time travel is real

So, we learned that time travel is real, but a time jump is impossible. We cannot beat time and run faster than that because the speed of light is the fastest in the Universe. So, nothing has yet been physically discovered which can beat the speed of light utilizing time travel.

Yes, time travel is real and very much exists in the Universe. The whole system works on time travel, and we can learn about so many mysterious exoplanets and galaxies through time travel.

But the ones supposedly shown in the movies, comics, and cartoons do not exist. That’s fictional and possibly not applicable in any scientific calculation.

Time travel is customized; under certain conditions, time will appear too slow, and in some other conditions, it would appear extremely fast. 

However, it is also possible that humans experience time passing at a much different rate than one second per second. And various factors determine this real-world form of time travel.

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Can one jump out of the time frame?

No matter what a human or a creature does, they always travel through time at the same speed and cannot jump out of it. It depends from watching a cheetah running at high speed on television to watching the new face mask added to the skin to dry to wishing you had more hours to spend with a friend who stays out of town.

In every case, one cannot jump out of the time frame and has to be in the time frame to move from one place to another.

Even in psychology, when hypnosis is used by psychiatrists and makes their patients delve deeper into their past, they are technically traveling through memories to be able to time travel.

Unconventional ways of Time Travel:

Various other scientific theories talk about the existence of time travel through the ways and means that involve unconventional physics, especially around black holes. 

The combination of time, space, and gravity is well-described by scientists through the discovery and study of black holes over the years.

Modern physics is based on the theory of relativity, which Albert Einstein placed. According to him, the time jump is nearly impossible, keeping the fact that the theory of relativity is going non-existent in that case.

So, Einstein's theories appear to make the concept of building up a time machine and traveling through time difficult.

However, some researchers wanted to argue with Einstein’s theories by placing alternative solutions. Still, those solutions again do not match the calculations of time, space, and gravity in the Universe.

They have proposed some hypothetical solutions that one could allow time jumps both back and forth through a machine. 

But, these hypothetical solutions defied the theory of relativity, making it impossible for anyone to jump through time again.

These hypothetical alternate theories of time jumping share one of the biggest flaws anybody would face. It has been seen that no hypothetical solution rules out the theory of relativity. 

So, keeping the theory of relativity in hand, one has to go through various gravitational pulls and pushes along with different sets of magnetic fields if they jump through time.

Recently trying to conclude their hypothetical solutions, all these scientists could tell is that there is no way a person could defy and survive the various types of gravitational pulling and pushing when jumping through time. 

So, all those solutions require every person to be able to defy the gravitational force, which is not possible, and people might end up stuck in the limbo of time and dying there out of asphyxiation.

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