Mercury: The Small Brother of Solar System flings some exciting facts that you should not miss in your news feed

Mercury: The Small Brother of Solar System flings some exciting facts that you should not miss in your news feed

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The Solar system has many interesting facts hidden into it though many points have not yet been found. The Solar system in our universe is of seven planets in which Mercury is the very first planet and the closest planet to the sun.

Some of the Interesting Facts About Mercury are going to be listed in this article. To be admired, the planet is considered as a messenger of God.

I Am Hot, and I Am Cold

Everyone was taught that Mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system. No, it's not, my sister venus is hotter than me; she was the first hottest among all of us. Says Mercury

Although the northern regions of Mercury are about 473 and the other side of the planet is about -173.

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Celebrate your Birthday once in 88 days

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! I like singing this song. Do you? Yupp! Let's travel Mercury to sing a song once every 88 days. Mercury has the shortest year of the planets in our Solar system. So it can complete its trip around the sun in just 88 Earth Days.

Humans Turn Crisp fries

Mercury experiences high solar radiation among all the planets. Though it has oxygen and the other subsequent gases, it is not the place for Humans to survive.

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I Am the Little One

Among the Planets in the Solar system, Mercury is considered one of the smallest among all the planets. The planet is about 3,030 miles (4,876km) which is only slightly more significant than the size of the Earth's Moon.

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Please Explore Me!

Oh! Mercury is worrying so. Let's build a rocket and fly to Mercury. They welcome us with some hot chips and French fries. It is the least explored planet.

Mariner10 Launched in 1973, and Messenger was launched in 2004. It reached the orbits of Mercury in 2011. Probably it has given the 45% of the details about the surfaces. NASA launched both the spacecraft.

Bepicolombo launches the next spacecraft is a joint space mission of ESA and JAPA; they found the spacecraft in 2018 it is assumed to reach the planet by 2025.

Messenger of God

The planet has no exact definition of when it was found or discovered. However, among the five visible planets, Mercury was the first planet visible through the telescope. It was found in the seventeenth century by astronomers Galileo Galilei and Thomas Harriot.

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Mercury is Mr. Old

I have wrinkles on my surface, so everyone calls me Mr. Old. Can you buy me some fairness creams to make my texture soft and silky .can you? Why I am wrinkled, can you guess? Mercury surfaces made up 75% of Iron cores. When the cores cooled and contracted, the surfaces become wrinkled.

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No Moon Planet

Miss Beauty, Moon is known for its brightness during the dark sky, miss her presence in Mercury. Why can you think what may be the reason? Mother sun is very much close to Mercury, so it cannot hold the moon.

Jump Four Times Higher

Are you a Long Jump Athlete? Fly to Mercury immediately; you can jump four times higher than you are jumping on Earth. Mercury has only 38% of gravity. Even it is challenging to hold the gases blown by the solar winds.

Final Words

Named for Fleet-footed Roman Messenger of God, Mercury holds an enormous amount of mysterious information. Though it is least explored, it has vast diligence that we should not take for granted.

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