Magnetic slime robots may alter some surgeries to preserve effects

Magnetic slime robots may alter some surgeries to preserve effects

Updated on April 04, 2022 11:33 AM by Dhinesh

Reason for making slime robots

Scientists have made Magnetically-manipulated slime robots. Why? It turns out that a controllable substance that can pass through small gaps has a wide range of applications.Scientists used slime in New Scientist to plan how to combine the advantages of fluid-based soft robots with the benefits of elastic robots.

Featured robot than before

It also recomposes and heals itself better than other liquids, so it's easier to squeeze through narrow channels than previous elastic robots.Several short videos showing the slime in action were published in Advanced Functional Materials, a peer-reviewed journal.

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Advanced update to provide electricity

Using highly magnetic neodymium, the researchers achieved their results. Moreover, the slime is conductive, meaning it can repair dissipated electric current.Objects can be grasped with their ability to manipulate on a small scale. Several surfaces, including underwater, were tested with the slime robot.

It also includes human security

The neodymium particles are covered in silicon to ensure their safety for human use. A video shows slime moving through a digestive tract model.The worm scooped up a small battery, then left it on the opposite side. Interestingly, neodymium magnets are illegal in some countries because swallowing them can puncture the digestive tract.

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The safest sanctuary for magnets

Following the lifting of the ban, visitations to emergency rooms increased in 2016. The force of two magnets snapping together can be significant enough to cut fingers or even break them.

An issue on spreading slime to the world

In the meantime, there are already magnetic fluids that we can use. Many ferrofluids are more relaxed than helpful, but they still have many use cases.Science experiments at home can include making less toxic magnetic slime. They can be used in Venom costumes and lava lamps, for example. However, leave medical procedures to the professionals.

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