Here's the tallest wave ever seen on earth - Part III

Here's the tallest wave ever seen on earth - Part III

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Tectonic tsunamis 

Tectonic tsunamis are formed due to the movement of the tectonic plates under the waterbed. Japan faced a severe Tsunami in 2011 due to the terrible rearrangements of the tectonic plates. Hermann Fritz said more than ninety percent of tsunamis are created due to disturbances in the tectonic plates.

The longevity of the tsunamis

Fritz said that the tectonic tsunamis are the longest ones to live, along with their frequent tremors. On the other hand, the landslide-tsunamis are short-lived.The landslide tsunamis are the ones that are gigantic at the center but rapidly decay away—the water retreats since there are no tremors underneath the waterbed.

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Tectonic tsunamis 

The Tectonic tsunamis slowly and steadily gain height as the waterbed starts trembling. They begin as small waves until they move towards land, gaining altitude.The Lituya Bay tsunami wave started losing its height to three hundred and twenty-eight feet as it kept moving towards the narrow opening of the fjord.

The 1958 tsunami 

The 1958 tsunami is one of its kind, but it is not the first one. The Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) puts out the recorded history of tsunamis.Geologists have found out the previous landslide-tsunamis occurred in 1853, 1854, and 1936. However, 1958 was the megatsunami of all time recorded.

WSSPC reports say

The WSSPC reports talk about the people who were affected due to the bay wave. Some people managed to survive due to being on the boats. Others fled towards the mouth of the bay.The researchers waited for three weeks after the tsunami dispersed. The site was deemed safe, and after that, the researchers started the survey at the site.Once the place was deemed safe, the researchers found that millions of the trees were uprooted in the bay.

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