Ageing? Experts create a technique to reverse human skin aging by up to thirty years!

Ageing? Experts create a technique to reverse human skin aging by up to thirty years!

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Reverse aging technique!

Scientists have developed an 'exciting' new method to reverse aging in human skin cells by 30 years.As we progress along our life cycle, our cells undergo age-related genetic modifications, decreasing their ability to function.The process can be tracked using tools like epigenetic clocks, which measure the rate of DNA methylation to determine a person's biological age.

Erase markers of aging

Regenerative biology aims to erase these markers of aging, restoring cells to a more youthful state.A significant breakthrough within this field was achieved in 2007 when Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka devised a technique to turn mature cells back into stem cells by exposing them to a cocktail of chemicals called the Yamanaka factors for 50 days.

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Scientists didn't get the required result

Unfortunately, however, this causes cells to lose their somatic identity, and scientists cannot reliably coax these reprogrammed stem cells into re-differentiating into mature adult cells.To get around this problem, the new study's authors exposed human skin cells to the Yamanaka factors for just 13 days.

The maturation phase

This prevented the cells from fully reverting to stem cells, causing them to regress only to an intermediate stage in the process known as the maturation phase.Many of the age-related genetic markers had been erased at this point, and the cells had temporarily lost their somatic identity, yet were able to re-acquire their specialized function as skin cells once the chemicals were removed.

The scientists write

The scientists write, "With our approach, cells temporarily lose their identity as they enter the maturation phase but, importantly, reacquire their initial somatic fate when the reprogramming factors are withdrawn."

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