Solar storm hits Earth and interferes with satellites!

Solar storm hits Earth and interferes with satellites!

Updated on April 14, 2022 15:20 PM by Dhinesh

Hit the planet

A massive amount of plasma heading towards Earth from the Sun will hit the planet by Thursday.A coronal mass ejection releases plasma and magnetic energy from our star that will come from a dying sunspot called AR2987.Geomagnetic storms and increased solar ultraviolet emissions heat Earth's upper atmosphere causing it to expand.


They are cool areas on the Sun's surface caused by its magnetic field's massive power that interferes with the convection process, with AR2987 sending out a C-class solar flare on 11th April.It is expected to hit the Earth on the 14th of April, which will cause a geomagnetic storm, and the ejection is only classified as moderate impact.

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Speed of Strom

It could hit Earth on the 14th of April at nearly 20, 69,834 kilometers per hour. Low to moderate geomagnetic perturbations are expected.  The Sun is experiencing increased solar activity as part of a solar cycle that lasts 11 years. Eruptions and bursts of radiation define it. The sunspots during this cycle increase and hit their peak by 2025.

Internet apocalypse

The paper argues that a severe storm would create an internet apocalypse where parts of the world will go into internet of darkness for weeks or even months.It usually prevents solar wind, charged particles from the Sun, and interfering with the planet. Every century these escalating winds increase as part of the star's life cycle, causing internet outages for several months.

Internet cables

The optical fiber is immune to GIC. But these cables have electrically powered repeaters at approximately 100km intervals that are susceptible to damage.

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