The worst fire in Cuba's history! The oil depot is brought fire under control after five days

Published on August 11, 2022 00:07 AM by FactsWOW Team

Massive blackouts

On Tuesday, the worst fire attack happened in Cuba&rsquo's history; 40% of the Caribbean island's main fuel storage facility got destroyed. A four-tank segment of the Matanzas supertanker port had died down, and streaming over the area was diminished.

Largest port

In Cuba, Matanzas is one of the largest ports for receiving crude oil and imports of fuel. In 10 huge tanks, Cuban heavy crude, fuel oil, and diesel got stored to generate electricity on the island.

Cause of explosion

On Friday evening, lightning struck one fuel storage tank. By Sunday, the fire spread to a second tank that engulfed the four-tank on Monday. There was a huge explosion and efforts by local firefighters over 100 Mexican and Venezuelan reinforcements. The fire would impact the country's power, said firefighter Rafael Perez Garriga.

The situation got worse

The thermoelectric plants are supplied by using this oil. The whole world gets affected by electricity. Following last summer, frequent blackouts and gasoline shortages had created a tense situation with scattered local protests.

Firefighting equipment landed

Mexico sent more helicopters, two fireboats, and heavy firefighting equipment to put off the fire. Firefighters were entering the area and spraying foam and water on smoldering remains. The fuels in the entire four tanks have been lost.

Critical condition

Authorities warned residents in Havana to wear face masks and avoid acid rain due to the fire generated by this massive plume of smoke. One firefighter died on Saturday, and 14 went missing when the second tank blew up.

Olympic torch

Governor of the Matanzas province, Mario Sabines said, about 60 miles from Havana got flamed and spread over that looks like an Olympic torch from one tank to next turned into a cauldron.

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