Yeat’s Net Worth

Yeat’s Net Worth

Published on November 08, 2022 16:37 PM by Sally Harbor

Yeat - It is estimated that Yeat has a net worth of $4 million. Despite being an American celebrity, Yeat has become increasingly popular online, particularly on platforms such as TikTok. In recent years, he has achieved great success as a rapper. In 2014, he released the mixtape 4L, which quickly soared to prominence. In 2016, he began his professional career as Lil Yeat, and soon after, he released his debut album, Up 2 M.

The album became very successful and gave him fame across the globe. It was in 2018 that he first appeared in public when the YouTube channel Elevator premiered a song titled Brink. In 2018, Yeat released his debut mixtape, Deep Blue Strips. Since then, he has released several mixtapes. Although the last album isn't that famous, Yeat has had three studio albums.

The net worth of Yeat

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Yeat has gained critical acclaim for his music and unique voice as a rising talent in the last few years. With the help of his music and unique voice, he has done amazing work in his career after staying underground for several years. The mixtape RL he released later became a decent hit, and in 2021 his debut album and mixtape gained decent acclaim. There are currently 4 million dollars in Yeat's net worth due to his viral singles from the album.

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Assets belonging to Yeat


American celebrity Yeat has achieved critical acclaim in very little time. He is a rapper who has accomplished incredible things in his career. While pursuing his career in New York, he eventually settled in Los Angeles, where he currently lives. His house is very beautiful, and he currently owns it.

Collection of cars

Aside from owning exotic and luxury vehicles, Yeat is also an avid muscle car owner. His favorites include the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Biography of Yeat

The American celebrity Noah Oliver Smith is known by his professional name Yeat, and he is very successful and famous. February 26 2000, was Smith's birth date in Irvine, California, United States. His initial years were spent in California with his parents. His father is Mexican, his mother is Romanian, and he was raised in Oregon. However, he moved to Oregon in his teens. The artist began his career in Los Angeles, where he currently lives, after completing his Oregon education.

Award-winning career of Yeat

Although most of Yeat's work until 2018 has been erased from the internet, his career began in 2016 when he used the nickname Lil Yeat. It was in 2018 that he made his debut on the public stage by posting the single Brink on the YouTube channel Elevator. He then released his first mixtape called Deep Blue Strips. 

A music video for the track Stay was released in early 2019, and he made a music video for it. On TikTok, SoundCloud, and others, he achieved critical acclaim later in 2021. His debut mixtape, 4L, also came in that year, with a few very successful singles like Sorry Bout That, Money So Big, etc. Money So Big went viral on TikTok and gave him huge success. He released two more albums in 2021: 2 Alive and Life.

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Education of the rapper

Yeat attended Lakeridge High School as a teenager and later attended New York University to pursue his dream. However, he did not get success in his early days, and it led him to move to Los Angeles.

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Channel of Yeat

Currently, Yeat has over 10 million views on his six videos, which are Yeat's music videos for the songs he has most popular. He launched his YouTube channel on April 7, 2018, with close to 100,000 subscribers. Among these, we'll look at three of the most watched, which have helped him gain subscribers. With his Auto Tune-infused vocals, Yeat's music is easily recognizable.

Instagram and Twitter

His popularity has been largely attributed to TikTok. Yeat has more than 3 million TikTok fans and more than 2 million likes. Additionally, he has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 160 thousand followers on Twitter.

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Relationships and love

Various rumors are circulating online concerning Yeat's past and present relationships and sexual orientation. Yeat's fans speculate she is dating a non-celebrity American man this claim, and Yeat has not responded. He appears to be single, has not married, and has no kids as of February 2022.

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Passions and hobbies

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Yeat enjoys fast cars and drives expensive vehicles a lot. He always wears a cap or a hood in his Instagram pictures. Travelling is Yeat's passion, and his career as a rapper has already led him to many states in the US, but he has yet to be abroad; Amsterdam in The Netherlands is his dream destination. It's reported that Yeat loves dogs and owns two, while he has donated money to an animal shelter near his home in Los Angeles.


Q: How many Instagram followers does Yeat have?

A: The Instagram account of Yeat has 1.7 million followers

Q: What is his salary?

A: Around $250,000 is thought to be his annual salary.

Q: What year did Yeat start his YouTube channel?

A: His YouTube channel was launched on December 22, 2017

Q: What is the name of his wife?

A: Yeat has yet to be married.

Q: What is the real name of Yeat?

A: Noah Oliver Smith is Yeat's real name.

Q: In what country is Yeat from?

A: Rapper Yeat hails from the United States.

Q: How would you describe Yeat's music genre?

A: It is hip hop and rap that Yeat's music genre belongs to.

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