Kevin Smith Net Worth

Kevin Smith Net Worth

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Name:                       Kevin Patrick Smith

Date of Birth:            August 2, 1970

Age:                         52

Height:                     5 ft 8 in

Weight:                    210 lbs

Profession:             Actor, Comedian, Film Producer, Author, Film director

Nationality:             American

Net Worth            $25 Million  

Kevin Smith is a renowned screenwriter, director, actor, writer and film producer of America who earned a net worth of $25 Million. By acquiring a peculiar role in his debut film, Clerks, he succeeded in turning out a big name in the world of Entertainment. Kevin Smith and viewers who direct many horror films highly appraise them.

Early Life

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Kevin Smith was born on August 2, 1970, in the region of New Jersey named Red Bank. In a Catholic family, he grew up with his two siblings, Virginia, his elder sister, and Donald Jr., his elder brother. He was the son of Donald E. Smith, who was employed as a postal worker and Grace (nee Schultz), who was a homemaker.  

During high school, Kevin made his first film when he made a videotape of his school’s basketball game. He also did a production of his own comedy skits while studying in a high school. After joining ‘the New School’ in New York, Kevin began employment in a youth centre, where he connected with a man who was supposed to play a role called “Jay” in one of his movies named Jason Mewes.    

Smith and man mutually connected in a joint passion for comic books. When he attained 21 years old, Kevin came up with a film by Richard Linklater called Slacker, through which he gained inspiration to become a filmmaker. After this, he joined ‘Vancouver Film School’ to gain top-notch education for his directed films. 

Kevin reached the hallway all through the course to save money when he realized that he had earned enough learning to start a project on his forthcoming films

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Professional Career

First of all, it is pretty enough to know that Kevin Smith has started his career as a filmmaker, in links with Harvey Weinstein, as a writer, attending television shows, stalled film projects, acting roles, documentaries, public appearances and from other television and film appearances. He needed to gain more cast to work on, but he was required to sell his collection of comic books to raise enough income to produce his first film. 

Alongside, he took back his previous job at a local store before moving home. Clerks is one of his first films based on his work experiences, and finally, he came across $27 575 to create a film and cuts above through casting his known friends and colleagues of his different roles.  

His first film, Clerks, won ‘The Filmmaker’s Trophy at the event of Sundance Film Festival introducing Kevin’s career in 1994. The same year, he also won prestigious awards during the Cannes International Film Festival. From his small release (less than 50 screenings), his movie gained above $3 Million. 

Alongside, Kevin made his next film in 2001 called ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This movie focuses on two main characters that are established in his former films. Despite getting mixed reviews, the film became a hit at the box office with $30 million in earnings. Soon, he released many films and returned with his 2006’s Clerks II, Scream 3, Catch and Release, Daredevil and Live Free or Die Hard.

Personal Life

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Kevin Smith gets his comic book workshop in New Jersey called ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash’. He formerly dated his leading woman named Joey Laure Adams, who was from Chasing Army, although after some years, their relationship ended on working together. In 1999, he married Jennifer Schwalbach Smith and got his first child named Harley Quinn.

Over the years, Kevin faced an issue with his weight and resultant weight, and he worked on reducing those kilos. Due to a major heart attack, he devised a daily routine and became a vegan. He gradually lost a whopping number of weights and returned with a fitness body physique.

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Net Worth

Kevin Smith has been so successful and popular throughout his career. He has a productive and prolific career. His estimated net Worth is approximately $25 Million, and he earned a decent income through his unmatched recorded films. According to reports, his earnings in 2017 were $2,700,000, which he gained from his domestic video sales of the movie called Teen Titans: The Judas Contract as himself.

Through best-selling books and film-making, Kevin is presently worth an estimated $15 Million as of 2022. He made several films drawn from his talents and outstanding storyline. He got over ten nominations and awards from Deauville, Cannes Film Festival and Sundance. His major income comes from:

Working as a famous Television actor.

Attending reality TV shows, writing comic books, directing film stories, etc.

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Won “the Audience Award for Clerks” in 1994 at ‘Deauville Film Festival’.

Won the Best Screenplay award for “Chasing Amy” in 1997 at ‘Independent Spirit Awards.

Won “lifetime Achievement award” in 1999 at ‘Festival International de Cine Cinema Jove’.

Won “the Independent Spirit Award” in 2005 for ‘Empire Awards, UK’.

Won “the Orbit Dirtiest Mouth Moment” award in 2007 at ‘MTV Movie Awards.

Won “the Best Filmmaker” at Provincetown International Film Festival in 2010 for ‘the Edge Award’.

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Q: Who is Kevin Smith?

A: Kevin Smith is a well-known director, actor, film producer and screenwriter from the United States of America. 

Q: When did Kevin start his career?

A: Kevin Smith made his career in 1990 through a small-budget comedy film called Clerks. 

Q: What is the weight of Kevin Smith now?

A: Kevin, the famous American screenwriter, actor, comic book writer and film director who weighs 93 kilograms as of now. 

Q: What is Kevin's ethnicity?

A: Kevin’s ethnicity is German, Irish and English. 

Q: When Kevin returned with the second series of Clerks?

A: In 2006, Kevin Smith returned with Clerks II, gaining $25 Million on its final budget.  

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