Frankie Valli Actor,Singer and Personal life Net Worth

Frankie Valli Actor,Singer and Personal life Net Worth

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Name:                         Frankie Valli

Date of Birth:              May 3, 1934,

Age:                           88

Height:                      5 ft 4 in

Weight:                    137 lbs 

Profession:             Singer, Actor 

Nationality:            American

Net Worth          $80 Million  
Frankie Valli is an eminent singer of America who is known as a prominent performer for 'The Four Seasons' starting in the 1960s. As the lead singer, he grossed an estimated net worth of $80 million which is majorly gained from his rewarding solo career. He earned significant royalties from 'Jersey Boys' which helped him earn over $3 billion worldwide. Due to his mind-blowing release, he has also considered a robust lead falsetto voice'.

Early Life

(Image Credits: Kemi

Frankie Valli was born Francesco Stephen Castelluccio to an Italian Family on May 3, 1934, in the First Ward of Newark, New Jersey. Among all the siblings, he was the first-born and eldest child. Anthony Castelluccio was his father and was employed as a display designer and barber for Lionel model trains. His mother, Mary Rinaldi, was a housewife and an employee of a beer company.
At 7, his mother encouraged him to take a singing career when she took him to observe the young Frank Sinatra at the Paramount Theatre in Manhattan of, New York City. His initial beloved singers were 'Texas' Jean Valli, from which he chose his name. Until he got support for his music passion, he continued to work as a barber. 
It is questioned the birth year of Frankie. He never raised the issue himself unless Universal Records sponsored the official posting site of 2007. Other sources of 'the Bear Family Records' titled 'The Four lovers' and the 1965 mug shot identified his birth year as 1934.

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Professional Career

Initially, Frankie Valli started pursuing a musical career between the 1950s to 1960s. When he attained the biggest fame, gradually, he began his acting career with Miami Vice, Full house, The Sopranos and the 1998 release movie Witness to the Mob. Finally, on November 21, 2014, he came up with the episode of Hawaii Five-0 titled 'Ka Hana Malu', where he played a secretive lawyer of Leonard Cassano. 
He initiated his singing passion in the early 50s with the Variety Trio, where some performers were involved, such as Tommy DeVito, Nick Macioci and Nickie DeVito. This group heard him singing and, thus, provided him with a guest spot in one of their iconic performances. Alongside Singing passion, he loved to play bass. He crossed his first single through a 1929 George Jessel released song, 'My Mother's Eyes'.
In 1965, one of a band was impressed with the work of Frankie Valli and, thus, gave him a performance in an audition at RCA Victor to next week. Later, he introduced himself as a solo singer by forming in 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, which reached number 2 in 1967. 
Moving on, he debuted his solo singing by gathering new recordings like 'I make a Fool of Myself', which ranked at number 10, and a solo album of 'Timeless', which reached at top 40 hot. Since he made a good balance between his work with the band and his musical career, he ended with the sixty’s album Half & Half'.

Personal Life

(Image Credits: Smooth

Frankie Valli has been married thrice. His first wife was Mary, with which both shared a two-year-old daughter. They nurtured two daughters and divorced after 13 years in 1971. Again in 1974, he remarried to MaryAnn Hannagan, which lasted eight years. In 1984, he again married Randy Clohessy, with whom they shared three sons, but they separated in 2004. A fire escape killed his stepdaughter Celia in 1980. While his youngest daughter, Francine, died from a drug overindulge.

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Net Worth

The famous American Singer Frankie Valli has a promising and flourishing career. He is well-known for his powerful head voice and recorded several hits to reach at No. 1 position. Sources said he gained an estimated net worth of $80 Million from his most successful release of "The Four Seasons". 
Frankie Valli earns $58 000000 annually while $4833333 monthly. If we talk about his weekly income, then it is around $111538462. On the other hand, $158904,11 is his daily income. Valli acquired a significant role in the hit Broadway act 'Jersey Boys, from which he has earned over $3 billion worldwide. His major income comes from the following:

Working as a renowned musician and singer.

Taking part in TV shows, producing studio albums, acting in various shows and so on.

Due to his wealth and achievement, Valli bought a 6700 square foot house in Encino, California, for around $4300000 in August 2017

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Nominated as "Album of the year" for Grease at 'the 21st Annual Granny Awards.

Nominated as "the Best Vocal Performance, Male" and "Best Contemporary Male Solo Vocal Performance" for 'Can't Take My Eyes off you at the 10th Annual Granny


His 1967 released single "Can't Take My Eyes off you" reached No. 2 on Billboard Hot 10 and subsequently impacted his career. It spawned in several nations worldwide and has been featured in many film soundtracks and TV shows.

Won the Lifetime Achievement Award of "The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)" in 2006.

Another solo single, 'My eyes Adored You, was released in 1974 and stayed at number 1 for its solo artist. Though it was a solo revived interest in the music of 'The four Seasons', somewhat given out in the mid-1970s.

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Social Media Handlers

 Instagram: Frankie Valli 

Twitter: Frankie Valli  

Wikipedia: Frankie Valli  

IMDb: Frankie Valli  

Website: Frankie Valli


Q: What is the real name of Frankie Valli?

A: The original name of Frankie Valli is 'Francesco Stephen Castelluccio' which was named during his birth date.

Q: When Frankie Valli began his career? 

A: Frankie Valli started his career as a Singer in the early 50s, through which he gave his contributions in the Variety Trio wherein Tommy DeVito, Nick Macioci and Nickie DeVito are involved. 

Q: What are the Labels through which Frankie Valli is associated? 

A: Frankie Valli is associated with a few Labels, such as Philips, Private Stock, Motown, MCA, Warner Bros and UMG. 

Q: Name some albums released by Frankie Valli?

A: Frankie Valli released a few albums as 'Very Best of Frankie Valli' in 1979, 'The music of Frankie Valli & the four seasons' in 2007 and 'Valli Gold' in 1975. 

Q: What are the major works done by Frankie Valli?

A: Frankie Valli was dedicated 'the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2012 due to his commitment to various humanitarian causes. In addition, he was honored with the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) lifetime achievement Award, which he received in 2006. 

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