Donald Brumfield is a Famous Realitystar and Jockey, net worth

Donald Brumfield is a Famous Realitystar and Jockey, net worth

Updated on October 03, 2023 15:15 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Donald Brumfield - He is an American jockey and a renowned reality star. He rocketed to fame as the main cast member on the VH1 reality series Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Moreover, you can see him alongside Charmaine Johnise and Ryan Henry.

Donald Brumfield Early Life

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On September 30, 1987 (age 35), Donald Brumfield was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Even during the early phase of his life, he worked as the tattoo assistant to his older brother Phor in 9Mag. 

Donald Brumfield hasn’t disclosed any information about his parents, siblings, or family. Moreover, we will update this article when we get authentic information about the family members. 

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Donald Brumfield Physical Stats

Well, Donald’s age is 35 years old, born on September 30, 1987. And according to astrology, his birth sign is Libra. Donald Brumfield is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 70 KG. His body measures 32 inches. 

The Biography

In the reality series Black Ink Crew: Chicago, he soared to fame as the main cast member. A popular reality star, Donald Brumfield is a 30-year-old Chicagoan born on September 30, 1987, in Chicago, Illinois. He is a well-known Reality Star popular for his role as one of the most famous and trending celebs. Donald Brumfield is a member of the famous Reality Star list.

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Donald Brumfield Relationship Status

Donald Brumfield is known for being a famous YouTube star. Along with that, people also love him for his great dressing sense. His official Instagram page is filled up with hundreds of posts. But apart from that career, he has maintained himself so well.

Moreover, People are eagerly searching for the relationship status of Donald Brumfield to see if he is dating anyone. But Donald Brumfield keeps his personal and private life private. 

According to the database, Donald Brumfield married Ashley Pickens. Fortunately, He and Ashley Pickens have a son named Donald Brumfield Jr. Donald Brumfield Jr. is a well-known actor, having appeared in Paper Heart (2022), Happy Hour (2017), and Asunder the Series (2019).

We are also finding some relation and association information of Donald Brumfield with other celebrities. On Black Ink Crew: Chicago, he appears alongside Charmaine Johnise and Ryan Henry.

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Donald Brumfield Career

Donald Brumfield has been most active in his career from 2007 to the present. He worked in management and booking for 9 Mag for two years before the premiere of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Moreover, he is one of the most successful Reality Stars. Even Alourdam Cigars released a cigar named after him, the Don Cherry Tequila Cigar. 

Donald Brumfield Fitness Journey

Don Brumfield of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” has provided information on his fitness journey. The reality star recently shared an overview of his physique transformation after competing in the latest bodybuilding contest, including how the sport has improved him to be an ideal role model for his children.

Don released a series of photographs and videos from the National Physique Committee (NPC) National Championships over the weekend on his Instagram account. The yearly event is regarded as one of the most renowned professional bodybuilding competitions.

“Bodybuilding has helped me grow as a husband, parent, and all-around man.” Most people don’t realize how much effort it takes to improve in this sport. This is built on devotion, perseverance, and resilience in every aspect. “Believe me, this body was constructed with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears,” he continued.

Don also posted a video of his stage performance, during which his kid can be heard cheering him on and saying, “Come on, dad!” “All I ever wished to be was a superhero to my children,” Don wrote on Instagram. He also took photographs with supporters, including his wife, Ashley Pickens, who has embarked on her fitness journey owing to the VH1 star.

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Donald Brumfield Social Appearance

DonaldBrumfield is also active on various social media platforms. You may track him as @bishop__don on his Instagram account. On his Instagram account, he has 830 K plus followers and is well-known for his stunning photographs.

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Facebook - Donald Brumfield Jr. (Donald Brumfield Jr.)

Linkedin - Donald Brumfield

Instagram - bishop__don

'Black Ink Crew Chicago'  things you didn't know.

Gray is not a problem for Don Brumfield

It is common for Don to smile, laugh, and joke on the show. Don is both happy and angry simultaneously, trying to keep that attitude. He confessed that he doesn't do the in-between emotions. When he is happy, everything goes smoothly, but if he is angry, he lets go, takes care of business, and even gets ruffled if the situation demands it. People who like to cause him grief have no place in his life.

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Phor and Don enjoy a unique relationship

It can be challenging to star in a reality television show with your brother sometimes, but Don doesn't have that problem. He and his brother are close. They have a strong relationship. Phor and Don have supported each other through tough times and rough situations growing up in Chicago. He was gotten into the tattoo shop by Phor, and Don manages the business.

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The future holds a few surprises for Brumfield

A serious ladies' man image was what Don wanted to be seen as, but this isn't what he wanted to be. With his life taking a mature course for the past couple of years, he is seeking a more mature image. As a businessman, he understands overcoming adversity requires hard work and effort. The man is tempted by beautiful women but is trying to keep his head down and focus on the goals he has set for himself. His new mindset included growing a beard. Even though it is still foreign to him, he is adjusting. In the upcoming season, he hopes to present himself as a mature individual who will overcome roadblocks with a smile, no matter what.


Q: What is his marital status?

A: His marriage has not yet taken place

Q: Does he earn much money?

A: The amount he earns ranges from $1 million to $5 million

Q: What is his place of origin?

A: His nationality is American

Q: Donald Brumfield: what makes him famous?

A: A successful reality star, he has earned a lot of fame

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