Desmond Child Net Worth

Desmond Child Net Worth

Published on November 23, 2022 14:21 PM by Laura Mendes

Name:                        Desmond Child

Date of Birth:                October 28, 1953

Age:                                69 years old

Height:                                1.75

Weight:                               95kg

Profession:                     Songwriter, Record producer, Film Producer, Musician, Composer

Nationality:                         American

Net worth:                         $ 200 Million

Desmond Child's Net Worth

  • Desmond Child is an American singer, songwriter and producer. He has a net worth of $ 200 million.
  • He has a unique identity in creating 80 Top 40 singles. It also includes Bon JovisLivin' On A Prayer,'' Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady,"
  • Desmond also collaborated with popular singers like Michael Bolton and Kelly Clarkson. Desmond has co-written the autobiography, "Livin' on a Prayer: Big Songs Big Life," with David Ritz.

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Thong Song

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Through a documentary, we know that the song Sisqó's 1999 hit "Thong Song Sisqó's didn't get permission to use the " living la vida local line in the track.

Earlier life

Desmond was born on October 28, 1953. He was Born in Gainesville. His parents are Elena Casals and Joseph Marfy. He grew up with them in Florida. Desmond grew up in

Miami and Ponce, Puerto Rico. His mother taught him to play the piano.

As a child, Desmond formed his little band with school friends. He went to Miami-Dade College and then moved to New York University.

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In 1975, Desmond formed a band with band Desmond Child & Rouge with Maria Vidal, Myriam Valle, and Diana Grasselli. They released two studio albums.

The band performed at Saturday Night Live" in December 1979.

The song Last of an Ancient Breed" was featured on "The Warriors."

Desmond co-wrote the 1979 KISS track "I Was Made for Lovin' You.

He wrote and gave music to many songs like

Cher's "Walk With Me," "When the Love is Gone," and "The Book of Love"

Desmond wrote songs for Bonnie Tyler, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and others.

Desmond released a solo album In 1991. His single “Love on a Rooftop" made it a top"Billboard" Top 40 hit.

Desmond also co-wrote songs for Ratt's 1990 album "Detonator.

Desmond's work on Ricky Martin's album 1999 earned him three Grammy Awards.

In 2000 he worked with various contestants of American Idol. Desmond wrote songs for Sebastian Bach, Lindsay Lohan, Scorpions, Katy Perry and many other artists.

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Personal life

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Desmond began dating Curtis Shaw in 1989. The two split in 1990. However, later they got back together and had a family.
The pair welcomed twin boys Nyro and Roman through surrogacy. It is documented in 2013's "Two: The Story of Roman & Nyro."

Desmond writes the song. “The Truth Comes Out," hinting at Maria Vidal, his girlfriend and bandmate.

Desmond has dual citizenship in America and Hungary. His song “The Steps of Champions" was the anthem commemorating the Hungarian Revolution.

Awards and Achievements

  • Desmond has won many awards in his lifetime. He won the Grammy for Thong Song," Best Pop Album for "Ricky Martin,"
  • Desmond won a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album for "Soy.
  • Child won El Premio Awards for Song Of The Year for "Livin' La Vida Loca.
  • In 2003 Desmond earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for "Everyone Matter.
  • In 1998 Desmond received a key to the Miami Becah and was immortalised in the Miami Beach High Wall of Fame. 
  • "La Copa De La Vida", a song by Desmond, was declared the official song of the World Cup.


Q: What is the net worth of Desmond Child?

A: The net worth  of Desmind Child is $200Million.

Q: Where is Desmond Child from ?

A: Desmond Child is from Gainesville, Florida.

Q: Does Desmond Child own the Thong Song?

A: The Thong Song is created by an American singer Sisqó.

Q: Who is the wife of Desmond Child?

A: Desmond is married to Curtis Shaw.

Q: How many times has Desmond been nominated for a Grammy?

A: Desmond has been nominated for Grammy's four times.

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