2022 California MICHELIN Stars Guide with 18 new added stars

2022 California MICHELIN Stars Guide with 18 new added stars

Updated on December 07, 2022 15:54 PM by Laura Mendes

Restaurants with exceptional cooking are given a MICHELIN Star. To gain this star, five fundamental standards are taken into account

  • the excellence of the ingredients
  • the balance of flavors
  • the technical proficiency
  • the personality of the chef as it is reflected in the food
  • consistency over time and across the whole menu.

As teasers were already released for the 2022 MICHELIN Guide California, they have included 18 new MICHELIN Stars. Check the new additional ones.

Addison (San Diego) - Three MICHELIN Stars

Cuisine: Contemporary/Californian

(Image Credits: Easter)

You'll be left wanting more as Chef William Bradley's crew masterfully prepares foods from around the world in their precedent-setting dining room. And introduces the menu to global taste.

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Camphor (LA) - One MICHELIN Star

Cuisine: Contemporary/French

(Image Credits: MICHELIN Guide-The Michelin Group)

This well-known Restaurant is buzzing with activity from enthusiastic customers and a busy open kitchen. Camphor serves excellent French cuisine with a touch of Southeast Asian spice.

Caruso's (Montecito) Cuisine: Californian

(Image Credits: MICHELIN Guide-The Michelin Group)

The seasonal prix-fixe and an emphasis on local goods take center stage and bring up originality.

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Citrin (LA) Cuisine: Californian

(Image Credits: MICHELIN Guide-The Michelin Group)

Chef Ken Takayama's cuisine focuses on modernized interpretations of classically rooted flavors with contemporary, global accents.

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Cyrus (Sonoma) Cuisine: Californian

(Image Credits: Sonoma Magazine)

Here, dining is a joyous occasion. The excellent, internationally influenced cuisine includes dishes like farm-fresh crudité to be Sonoma duck with turnips and hoisin and black sesame financier with shaved plums, to name a few.

Gwen (LA) Cuisine: Steakhouse

(Image Credits: OpenTable)

This inviting set-up butcher shop serves sustainably farmed meats from nearby partner farms during the day and night turns into an exotic dinner.

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Hatchet Hall (LA) Cuisine: American

(Image Credits: TimeOut)

Due to the abundance of locally produced food, this open-flame cooking is done with a Southern accent and a seasonal focus.

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Localis (Sacramento) Cuisine: Californian

(Image Credits: OpenTable)

Chef/owner Christopher Barnum-Dann infuses this modest space with remarkable warmth along with his close-knit crew. His excitement is immediately apparent as he cheerfully shares the origins of specific dishes and even asks for potential feedback.

Manzke (LA) Cuisine: Contemporary

(Image Credits: TimeOut)

Set aside some time to enjoy a ten-course tasting menu prepared in a modern way that combines French methods with Californian inspirations and Asian flavors.

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Nisei (San Francisco) Cuisine: Japanese/Contemporary

(Image Credits: Forbes)

The combination of the Japanese tradition created by chef David Yoshimura is the foundation of this cuisine. Although dining here is a formal experience, there is little chance of stuffiness because the staff is friendly, and the soundtrack features '80s power ballads, creating a perfect ambiance.

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Osito (San Francisco) Cuisine: Contemporary

(Image Credits: Resturant Hospitality)

Osito, which translates to "small bear," is the chef Seth Stowaway's nickname, and he puts his heart and soul into this rustic, lodge-like establishment where live fire cooking takes center stage.

Press (Napa) Cuisine: American

(Image Credits: Wine Enthusiast Magazine)

The world's biggest collection of Napa wines is housed in this contemporary American dining area, which also radiates a Wine Country feel.

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San Ho Won (San Francisco) Cuisine: Korean

(Image Credits: San Francisco Chronicle)

With top-notch ingredients, our kitchen's meticulously developed approach skilfully marries traditional Korean tastes with a sense of originality to produce meals with unparalleled depth and purity of flavor.

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715 (LA) Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi

(Image Credits: Yelp)

Seigo Tamura, a chef, emigrated to the US from Osaka with aspirations of playing basketball professionally. Fortunately for Los Angeles, his current success comes from customers who enjoy his sushi.

Ssal (San Francisco) Cuisine: Korean

(Image Credits: OpenTable)

Seafood that has been carefully prepared demonstrates a commitment to craft, like in the case of black cod that has been dried before being grilled to produce skin so crispy it can be heard from across the room.

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Sushi Kaneyoshi (LA) Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi

(Image Credits: Time Out)

Highlights include the exquisite grilled ocean perch sandwiched between two sheets of crisp nori and the warm, soy-braised West Coast oyster and prawns with a hint of smoke, covered in a rich egg yolk and soy sauce.

This Restaurant promotes local products obtained from adjacent farms, the 150-tree orchard on the site, the edible flower fields, herb gardens, vegetables, and the apiary.

Kato (LA) Cuisine: Asian/Contemporary

(Image Credits: reservation for two)

Chef Jonathan Yao is in charge here, skillfully drawing on his Taiwanese heritage to produce modern cuisine that is both straightforward and intricate.

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