Moderna CEO about Covid Shot: 'I would expect that it’s not going to hold great

Published on August 12, 2022 00:35 AM by FactsWOW Team

Booster is enough!

Forget taking two or three shots of Covid shots per year. A single dose of the annual booster is enough to overcome coronavirus, the flu, and another common respiratory virus within the next five years, says Moderna. They will update the vaccines that became a global household name convenient for consumers.

Most iPhone users buy a new iPhone every September based on new features and apps. The same idea for this also you can get your single dose to overcome Covid, flu, and RSV. Stephane Bancel, the CEO, estimated a timeline of three to five years for the combined new product that linked the life-saving jab to that of the Smartphone.

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Breakneck growth!

Moderna's record breakneck growth during the pandemic is now identifying its next frontier. Bancel mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic helped the company to tens of billions of dollars in revenue, where there was a rise in their business in more than 70 markets at the end of the year.

Live with the virus!

In some countries, everybody can make their own decision based on risk tolerance. Bancel believed that most people choose to live with the virus like they are with flu. Even before the pandemic, people who are immunocompromised have to wear masks.

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The one-hit wonder of Moderna!

Moderna Company is developing more than 40 products beyond Covid-19. Annual booster is the update where they also develop a personalized cancer vaccine for new clinical data. The company is now exploring the latest disease of Monkeypox that is still in the lab for research. The company pushes into 10 Asian and European markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, and the Netherlands. They are ready to invest millions of dollars and hundreds of new hires in the company.

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