Why Wilson from ‘Home Improvement’ never showed his face

Why Wilson from ‘Home Improvement’ never showed his face

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The 19’s and the 2000’s were known for the iconic TV shows that were produced and aired during that time. Shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Office, etc, and one of the mist iconic TV shows of all time cannot be listed out without the presence of Home Improvement. The iconic TV show had the presence of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor as he often balanced two main roles which included the devoted family man and host of his own show within the show Tool Time. 

The character Tim Taylor was played by Tim Allen through all the 8 seasons that the show was run for. He became unquestionably a fan favorite during that time and still is known for his character. But along with him, his fellow characters and castmates are also adored by the fans of the show. 

The best 

Tim Taylor was surrounded by the best out of the lot, which included his wife Jill , played by Patricia Richardson, his three sons and his Tool Time co-star and best friend Al Borland, played by Richard Karn. 

Wilson Jr. Most of the characters were very much loved and adored by fans and Wilson Jr played by Earl Hindman, who was Taylor family’s friendly next-door neighbor. Wilson Jr had appeared in all except one episode of Home Improvement. What made the character most memorable among the fans was that he never showed his wife despite being a regular on the show. 

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Eyes and nose

Wilson Jr throughout the never show never showed his face making his character even more iconic. He would peer over the fence separating his yard from the Taylors’ to chat with Tim and the rest of his family. Throughout the running of 8 seasons, viewers and his fellow characters could see only his eyes and nose and nothing more or nothing else other than that. 

The character never showing his face became an very important aspect that even when Wilson departed his yard in later episodes but the writers later found creative ways to keep the bottom half of his face hidden.

The Backstage Pass 

The only time viewers ever saw the character’s face was in the very last episode called “The Backstage Pass” in which the series gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the cast and set, including Earl Hindman’s face.

Like any other show which has had a mysterious character, Home Improvement as well never acknowledged the partial anonymity of Wilson and his character which led to wild speculation from fans. Fans seem to be enthusiastic about making theories about their favorite characters and one of the most outrageous theories came after we learned a little about Wilson’s backstory.

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The Background story 

Throughout the 8 season show, Wilson Jr would peek over the fence and share knowledge and advice with the Taylors but as the series passed with its season one by one his seemingly endless well of sage wisdom was explained. He was eventually revealed to be an accomplished person with a good and sound  academic career with a Phd  in Forgotten Languages and Cultures.

 He was also Widower and it was was this detail of his led to the far-fetched fan theory that Wilson’s wife was murdered, forcing him into Witness Protection from her killers. Though the story is quite interesting, it is far from reality. Later, Tim Allen actually explained the reasoning behind Wilson’s hidden face and it had nothing to do with murderers or espionage. Instead he said, it was a nod to a cherished childhood memory.

Passing away 

As a child, Tim Allen had a neighbor whose identity was always a mystery.He frequently chatted with this neighbor but was too short to see over the fence.Earl Hindman, the actor who played Wilson Jr died in 2003, just a few years after the finale of the series but the he will always be remembered for his soothing voice and kind eyes that made his Home Improvement character an important part of the shie despite of never showing his face. 

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