Whoa-Inspiring Facts About Famous Power Couples

Whoa-Inspiring Facts About Famous Power Couples

Updated on July 20, 2022 15:43 PM by Laura Mendes

When two well-known individuals come together, the general public is sure to be intrigued. Power couples have existed throughout history because successful people tend to attract other successful people.

Some of these powerful teams shot to fame simultaneously, while others gained notoriety on their own first. But regardless of whether they are famous people, public figures, or even criminals, their relationships shocked the world.

Power couples are not an exception to the rule that not all love endures forever. Some of these relationships are still #CoupleGoals, while others have broken up or engaged in the on-again, off-again dance.

It's safe to suppose you know more about these couples than you do about your parents because all of their love stories played out in front of the public. But these unexpected facts offer a peek behind the scenes of these legendary romances.

Continue reading for more amazing historical facts about power couples, ranging from the incredibly cute to the incredibly strange.

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For 20 years, Joe DiMaggio sent flowers twice a week to Marilyn Monroe's grave

When she first met and wed Yankees player Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe was already a rising figure. DiMaggio didn't like the fact that Monroe's career was going to become a sex symbol, though.

He was upset about how the infamous subway grate scene from The Seven Year Itch was filmed, and less than a year later, Monroe filed for divorce.

Unfortunately, Monroe's second union with playwright Arthur Miller did not end happily, and following their split, Monroe and DiMaggio restored their acquaintance.

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Monroe tragically away before they could get remarried, according to reports that DiMaggio informed acquaintances. In the end, DiMaggio organized his ex-funeral wife keeping the media and Hollywood executives out since he believed they were to blame for her passing.

For the following 20 years, until he died in 1999, DiMaggio kept sending flowers to Monroe's grave regularly. He said, "I'll finally get to see Marilyn," as his final words.

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The police broke up Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's first date

Despite never getting married, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have shown that relationships can thrive without a legal document. Instead, maintain interest. Russell recalled the pair's first night out together while making an appearance on Harry.

They went to The Playboy Club, which was the only place where they could dance to swing music because Russell wanted to work on his moves. Together, they were intended to make the swing dancing-themed WWII feature picture Swing Shift in 1984.

Hawn and Russell decided to continue the celebration at home. Hawn had just bought to remodel after dancing the night away. The couple had to force entry into the empty house because she had forgotten the key.

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The greatest love letter ever was a letter Johnny Cash wrote to June Carter

The marriage of country music stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash endured infidelity and addiction, and they are recognized for their tumultuous relationship. However, both the union and Johnny's love letters to June survived.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were a delightfully happy pair, in contrast to the many sad royal unions that had had tragic endings in the past.

They claim to have fallen in love with each other immediately after meeting in 1836 in their respective memoirs.

The following year, Victoria was in power when she was crowned queen. Moreover, it was against tradition to make a marriage proposal to a monarch who was still in power.

As a result, Queen Victoria made what appeared to be an unconventional choice and asked Albert to marry her on his second trip to Windsor Castle in 1839.

They remained together until Albert died in 1861. Victoria's long reign continued, but she stayed to wear black for the rest of her life in memory of her deceased husband.

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The two initially pursued different endeavors but later teamed up, sharing the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 with French researcher Henri Becquerel for their investigation of radiation.

The first woman to get the Nobel Prize was Marie Curie, who carried on with her work after her husband's death. She received her second Nobel Prize in 1911 for chemistry for discovering polonium and radium as a result of this.

When their daughter Irène and her husband won the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1935, the Curie family added another trophy to their impressive collection, increasing their total to an incredible five Nobels.

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Henry Ford received a letter from Bonnie and Clyde praising the Model B as the ideal getaway vehicle

The two-year crime rampage of Bonnie and Clyde came to an end in 1934 when they were shot dead in a Ford V8 Model B. Six weeks previously, "Clyde Champion Barrow" wrote Henry Ford a letter expressing his gratitude for the car he and Bonnie used for brief getaways: Some people question the letter's veracity since they believe Clyde wrote it right before he and Bonnie were killed in the exact vehicle.

Experts in handwriting cannot confirm whether it is Clyde's handwriting, but it is taken as genuine at Ford.

The body of Eva Perón was kept in the dining room by Juan Perón and his new wife.

Eva Perón (also known as Evita), the lower-class and working-class Argentinians who found hope for the future with the Peróns, rose to prominence during Juan Perón's first term as president.

She had been considering running for vice president, but her deteriorating health prevented it; she passed away from cancer in 1952. However, Evita's tale and significance as a symbol didn't end there.

Juan Perón was overthrown by a military coup in 1955, and the new government was concerned that Eva's meticulously preserved body might serve as a rallying point for the opposition.

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Hadrian the Great Made Antinous His Lover A God

Emperor Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire from 117 to 138 CE, and his lover Antinous most likely came from low socioeconomic status. Despite Antinous' modest origins, Hadrian took care to balance the scales.

When the two first met, it was probably around 124, and Antinous soon won the emperor's affection. Antinous and the emperor's royal entourage traveled up the Nile River when the young guy inexplicably fell in and drowned. The two used to hunt and travel together.

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Hadrian was distraught. He caused quite a scandal by displaying his sadness in public, but it didn't stop him from paying tribute to his lover. To begin with, he gave Antinous a star name to represent his ascent to the heavens.

Then he gave himself a lot of monuments and building names. Around 2,000 statues depicting the emperor's lover were built all over the empire. Eventually, Hadrian declared Antinous to be a god and that he intended to found the city of Antinoopolis in his honor.

In his posthumously released memoir, A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway discussed an under-the-belt anecdote. In the book, he explores his time as a writer in the 1920s, when he crossed paths with several famous couples, including the Fitzgeralds.

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald had a notoriously tricky time together despite their deep love for one another because he battled alcoholism and she battled mental illness.

It is evident that there were tense times in their marriage, such as when Zelda allegedly told her husband that the way he was made over there "could never make any lady happy."

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Hemingway claimed that Fitzgerald had expressed his concern about this significant issue to him over lunch, prompting Hemingway to take a closer look. He decided that his pal was adequately endowed and then took him to the Louvre to see the nudists demonstrate this.

But since Hemingway and Zelda Fitzgerald did not get along, we can't wholly believe the narrator in this story.

The romance started when the inebriated pair left a studio head's party in Palm Springs, California, in 1949, according to Gardner biographer Lee Server. They made a quick halt for some makeout before continuing to Indio.

Then Sinatra decided to take a few firearms out for some late-night shooting. Gardner joined in on the fun and fired a shot through a hardware store window as Sinatra shot out lamps.

Police ultimately took the two to the station, where the studio convinced the department to dismiss all charges.

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