When Is Season 11 Of TWD Coming To Netflix

When Is Season 11 Of TWD Coming To Netflix

Updated on November 15, 2022 18:05 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The Walking Dead (TWD) season 11 is currently airing on AMC, but when should those watching it on Netflix expect new show episodes?

It's hard to accept that The Walking Dead is ending this year. The series is considered part of the TV fabric to so many fans that it's hard to imagine a world without it. After all, it has been live with new episodes for over a decade.

It's an amazing thing that it will live on through its legacy, as there are many spin-off shows set in the TWD Universe, each on premiere now and in evolution for the future. Another way it will premiere is through streaming, as whatever streamers house the beloved dramatizations will undoubtedly attract plenty of new TWD fans to it in the future.

The series is on Netflix in the US, with all ten completed seasons available. But when can viewers expect the eleventh and last season to be released on the streaming service?

The Walking Dead Season 11 Premiere Date Predictions

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The Walking Dead season 11 is currently live on AMC, with its third and final chapter running until November, as the show is live on the streamer before the latest season starts (and there isn't any new season coming after this one) that raises many questions about when it will drop.

That said, expect it to show up in December at the very earliest. While fans certainly weren't ruling out the chances of the show's eleventh season debuting on Netflix in installments, given that the hiatuses between them have been so long (and that Netflix real shows are often split into parts these days), that has yet to happen Thus, the whole season will likely arrive at once, which will understandably be after the series finale airs in November.

The most likely probability for The Walking Dead's season 11 live date on Netflix is 2023, which is sometime between its conclusion on AMC and its eventual immortalization on the streaming service.

Of course, that's just a prophecy, and it's best to halt for some official announcement before getting too excited about a release. Just know it will happen sometime after the series finale airs on TV.

Will The Walking Dead Quit Netflix After Season 11 Arrives?

Yes, The Walking Dead will eventually leave Netflix, although how many years is unknown. We can look at other AMC series for guidance. If The Walking Dead follows Hell on Wheel's departure schedule, we'll see the show leave Netflix in 2026.

Long-term outside the United States, the new streaming home of the show is exclusively on Disney+. That's where the show currently resides in many regions, like the United Kingdom. In the US, the show will move exclusively to AMC+ eventually.

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