When does flash season 8 come out on Netflix

When does flash season 8 come out on Netflix

Updated on November 19, 2022 16:33 PM by Laura Mendes

The season of "The Flash" was my first binge-watched season. It is one of the greatest seasons I have ever witnessed. And now, its new season is certain to pique the excitement of every Flash fan, as this article explains.

The Flash (season 8)

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On November 16, 2021, the first episode of the eighth season of the American superhero television series The Flash, which is based on the D.C. Comics character Barry Allen/Flash, aired for the first time on The C.W.

It is a spin-off of the Arrow television series. It occurs in the same continuity as the other television shows in the same realm. Eric Wallace is the showrunner for this season, which is produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and D.C. Entertainment.

On February 3, 2021, the order for the season was placed. Production started in August of that year and continued until April of the following year. Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, Brandon McKnight, and Jesse L. Martin are some of the primary cast members who have returned from past seasons.

Grant Gustin plays Barry, and the show also features Jesse L. Martin. This is the final season that Martin will appear as a series regular on the show. On March 22, 2022, the show was picked up for a ninth and final season, and it is anticipated that it will premiere sometime in early 2023.

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The Flash on Netflix

Beginning its run on The C.W. in 2014, one of its most popular and longest-running series is The Flash, which is adapted from the D.C. comic book of the same name.

The C.W. has moved on to a new generation of characters, and as a result, many of the earlier Arrowverse episodes have been cancelled. These characters include Naomi, Superman, and Batwoman, but none of these shows is available on Netflix.

Refer to our comprehensive guide on watching the Arrowverse on Netflix if you are completely new to the Arrowverse or trying to rewatch the shows in the correct order.

The Arrowverse has, of course, come to a close, and the only show that will continue airing into the 2022–2023 season is The Flash, which has already been renewed for a ninth season.

When will the eighth season of The Flash premiere on The C.W.?

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Although production issues did not cause The Flash to be postponed until the middle of the season as they did during the seventh season, the show did not return to its usual time slot.

Instead, the broadcast of brand-new episodes started on November 16 of this year. The eagerly expected Armageddon Crossover event, which takes place during the fifth graphic novel, serves as the occasion for the event's beginning.

The eighth season of the show will consist of a total of twenty episodes. The show debuted on The C.W. with the first of its five scheduled episodes before going on hiatus. The broadcast of Episode 6 started on March 9 and will continue until the series' conclusion on June 29, 2022.

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When will the eighth season of The Flash be available on Netflix in the United States?

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Let's start with the United States because that's where most people who watch What's on Netflix are located. Netflix continues to receive episodes of the show in the United States under the terms of an earlier output agreement it had reached with The C.W.

Because of this contract (which expired in 2019), all series will be available on Netflix for the duration of the show's run plus an additional five years. Additionally, the partnership will send episodes to Netflix around eight days following the conclusion of their respective seasons.

We received confirmation in June 2022 that the show will be going on Netflix in the exact manner that was outlined above. Additionally, we received confirmation that all episodes of season 8 released on July 7, 2022.

This date is not set in stone, and we may provide updates as we approach the release date.

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Numerous Netflix Countries Will Get Weekly Episodes of Season 8 of The Flash

In other news, new episodes of The Flash are uploaded to Netflix every week. This covers countries and territories such as Canada, the Netherlands, Greece, and Israel, as well as Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, and Portugal.

You will continue to get new episodes every week in 2021 and 2022 if you have been receiving them in the past. New episodes are often broadcast on Tuesdays in the United States and are made available on Netflix the following Thursday morning after they have aired.

According to Unogs, some locations are still awaiting the addition of season 7, which is anticipated to take place toward the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

Fans of Grant Gustin might also be interested in his first feature film for Netflix, titled Rescued by Ruby and released earlier this year.


This chronology continues from the initial four "Graphic Novels" that were established in seasons six and seven. Season eight is divided into three "Graphic Novel" storyline arcs, corresponding to the fifth, sixth, and seventh graphic novels.

In the year 2031, the psychic alien Despero lives in Central City and observes the end of the planet. When Barry Allen captures the Royal Flush Gang while they are robbing a bitcoin exchange, his talents go up a notch.

When Ray Palmer arrives in Central City for a tech convention, Chester P. Runk surprises him by presenting him with a variety of tech start-ups; however, Ray decides against investing in any of them.

The next day, Barry investigates a security guard who has gone wild, but Kristen Kramer has him hand over his badge since a federal inquiry suggests that he was a mole for Joseph Carver.

Ray Palmer arrives in Central City for a tech convention while this is going on, and Chester P. Runk surprises him with a collection of tech start-ups; however, Ray declines to participate in any of them.

Despero activates the particle accelerator, draws power from it, and then launches an assault on Cecile's squad. He is stopped by Jefferson, Iris, and Deon Owens as he arrives at Barry's place after learning its position and travelling there.

During this time, Iris has a sneaking suspicion that Barry was set up and that Joe's death was a staged event. At twelve o'clock in the morning, the chronology of the Reverse Flashpoint will become stable, and Barry will vanish. After discovering where Barry is hiding, he makes his way there, but Jefferson, Iris, and Deon are able to stop him.

Barry discovers that he is actually the Reverse Flash in this alternate history. When Bart Allen and Nora West-Allen travel back in time to 2049, they discover that Jay Garrick Garrick is still alive and that Joan Williams no longer exists.

In the present, Joe Darhk is unable to retrieve his Time Stone and must say goodbye to Nora, who has appeared in his place since he lost it. The timeline in C.C.P.D. shifts to show Bart Allen and Nora West-Allen in a photograph with Eddie Thawne from 2014, and the photo is dated.

Iris's hairbrush vanishes in a flash of green light in the present, shortly after Team Flash has left for brunch. Despite his protests of innocence, Jaco Birch is placed under arrest for the arson that took place at O'Shaughnessy's and the death of manager Stan Mullen.

In later episodes, Team Flash primarily emphasises locating the true perpetrator of the crime. When Caitlin Frost is being harassed by the outside force, Team Flash sees the Black Flame for the first time.

The crew has concluded that the Black Flame is a sentient creature struggling to maintain its existence. Caitlin and Carla Tannhauser develop a scheme to boost Frost's cryokinetic skills to coax the monster out into the open.

Iris is taken away by Tinya, who is seething with rage in Central City. The conclusion that Team Flash comes to is that Ronnie's anguish was taken away by the singularity.

S.T.A.R. Labs is assaulted by Deathstorm, which releases spirits from Team Flash's history to torment the heroes and feed off their anguish. Allegra is concerned that the technology that Chester developed and made available for open source would end up in the wrong hands.

The Flash successfully takes down Blockbuster, a bank robber wearing an exosuit that was stolen from Ivo Labs. While Mark is getting drunk at O'Shaughnessy's, Chester and Allegra get into an argument about the appropriate manner to honour Frost.

Chester deduces that Orloff's objective is to become eternal by collecting energy from everyone in Central City, so causing them to age hundreds of years faster than they would have otherwise. He and Cecile discover a laptop containing his work.

Caitlin explains to Team Flash that she needs some space to figure out how to bring Frost back, but Barry messes with her equipment and still manages to bring her back. Meena Dhawan, founder and chief executive officer of Fast Track Labs, is revealed to be the Ninja Speedster by the latter.

After Barry has finished teaching Meena, Thawne, the co-inventor, appears before him with his old visage. Thawne, however, has no memory of his past or Barry's. Alexa Rivera and Bashir Malik's mirror images from the Negative Force engage in combat with Team Flash. As a result of stopping a bank robbery and a mugging, Cecile's abilities expand.

Iris makes a second appearance in the year 2049. At that time, Joan Williams reveals to Bart and Nora that Iris is unable to return to the year 2022 because her body is overrun with negative tachyons.

Iris is successfully treated for her time illness, and the speedsters go back to their own time. Thawne challenges Barry, Meena, Bart, and Nora to a fight in Central City, but he manages to send Nora, Bart, and Bart back in time. Thawne undergoes a transformation that allows him to take on the role of the Negative Forces' new avatar.


The C.W. aired the eighth season of The Flash in 2021. The Flash is based on the character Barry Allen/Flash from DC Comics. When will season 8 of The Flash be available on Netflix in the United States and other countries? The eighth season of The Flash will premiere on The CW on March 9, 2022, and conclude on June 29, 2022.

Rescued by Ruby, Grant Gustin's debut feature film for Netflix, was released earlier this year. In 2031, the psychic alien Despero resides in Central City and sees the planet's destruction.

Joe Darhk is unable to regain his Time Stone in 2049 and must bid farewell to Nora, who has taken his place since he lost it. Barry Allen and Nora West-Allen travel back in time to 2049, when they discover that Jay Garrick Garrick is still alive and Joan Williams is extinct.

At twelve in the morning, the Reverse Flashpoint's chronology will stabilise, and Barry will vanish. In subsequent episodes, Iris gets a notion that Barry was framed and Joe's death was manufactured.

In later episodes, Team Flash focuses heavily on identifying the genuine criminal. Deathstorm attacks Team Flash and Ivo Labs, releasing spirits from Team Flash's past to torment the heroes and feast on their pain.

Caitlin and Carla Tannhauser devise a plan to enhance Caitlin Frost's cryokinetic abilities in an effort to lure the Black Flame away from Central City.

Chester deduces that Orloff's goal is to attain immortality by gathering energy from everyone in Central City, thereby accelerating their ageing by hundreds of years.

In Central City, Thawne, the co-creator of the Negative Force, challenges Team Flash to a fight. Due to thwarting a bank heist and a mugging, Cecile's talents increase.

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