Wendy Williams is happy to be here, she said in a message to her fans

Wendy Williams is happy to be here, she said in a message to her fans

Updated on December 28, 2022 14:29 PM by Dhinesh

Wendy Williams is entering the next chapter of her life. 

It's been two months since Wendy stayed at the Wellness facility. She tells her fans about what she has been doing while she promotes her The Wendy Experience new podcast.

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She started by wishing her friends wishes for the Holiday season. It is the winter season, and Wendy asked her fans to check out her new merchandise collection. She has no idea what her fans are doing, but she is happy to be wherever she is.

She assures fans and customers will be happy if they buy stuff from her merchandise. Her gear has comfortable and beautiful hoodies. Her wear has all the stuff with her famous quotes. Quotes like How are you doing? And Excuse me, some of the famous Wendy's lines.

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The Wendy William show ended in June. After that, she stayed at a wellness facility centre for two months. Now Wendy has been only focusing on her future.

Wendy is thrilled to start the new journey of her life. She is ready to take on the new projects that await her. Wendy thanked her fans for their love, support, and prayer. 

After her wellness centre stay two months ago, Wendy made her first public appearance. That time she attended her former radio station's annual celebration of the circle of sisters Queens in NY.

Wendy wore black furry boots and a sparkly jumpsuit. Wendy was emotional when the audience applauded her. Her tears were a sign of thankfulness and happiness in her heart.

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