Was the Rock teasing a Superman/Black Adam crossover?

Was the Rock teasing a Superman/Black Adam crossover?

Updated on August 17, 2022 14:21 PM by Dhinesh

In the comment incident of DC League of Super-Pets, Black Adam faces Superhero, raising the question of whether this was the crossover that The Rock has been hinting at. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson finally got to work on his DC projects more than 15 years after being cast as the live-action Black Adam in the DCEU.

Before the release of Black Adam 

Before the premiere of Black Adam this fall, audiences can see The Rock in animated as another DC character: Krypto, Superman's canine friend. However, the comment scene in the DC League of Super-Pets showed The Rock's actual film debut as Black Adam, albeit in animated form.

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At this point in his career

The Rock is now a producer as well as an actor at this point in his career. His films are usually the result of a collaboration between his film studio, Seven Bucks, and big studios.

After successful deals with Warner Bros

Following successful deals with Warner Bros. for films like San Andreas and Rampage, The Rock entered the DC universe not only to play Black Adam but also as a production company with interesting ideas for the DCEU's future. The Rock pledged that the DC universe's political establishment was about to modify, which fueled speculation about possible future Black Adam and Superman crossovers.

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In the comics

Black Adam, a sometimes villain, sometimes antihero in the cartoons, is one of DC's most powerful characters. The beginnings and most famous stories of Black Adam are linked with the superhero Shazam, but the character has also clashed with Superman in both comics and animation.

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The Rock's constant hints of a change at DC

As a result of this, and, it was assumed that his Black Adam would inevitably face off against Superman in a live-action film.

The Rock never shut down the rumors

The Rock never denied the rumors, and it appears that the actor-producer has been advocating for major Black Adam crossovers, frequently going to mention how he wants to listen to the fans.

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Following a vexing response

However, after a frustrating response from The Rock at SDCC regarding Henry Cavill's Superman, what appeared to be a certainty was called into question. In the DC League of Super-Pets, at least one Black Adam and Superman battle involving The Rock did occur — in graphics, separate from the DCEU.

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In the commen

In the comment incident of DC League of Super-Pets, Superman, voiced by John Krasinski, is seen playing outside with Krypto, voiced by The Rock. What appears to be a normal day at the park takes a dramatic turn when Krypto collides with another super-dog, one who is fast and agile enough to reach the slippery thrown by Superhero initially.

That dog is disclosed to be Anubis

Black Adam's pet, and he is preceded by his owner. Anubis supports Black Adam, claiming that he is an antihero rather than a villain. The Rock provided the voices for both cameos, making him three of the four main characters in the DC League of Super-Pets post-credits scene: Anubis, Krypto, and Black Adam.

In an Instagram post

The Rock provided more context for the film's post-credits scene and Black Adam's cameo in an Instagram post following the release of the DC League of Super-Pets. He emphasized that audiences already know how he feels about Black Adam versus Superhero and that the post-credits scene in the DC League of Super-Pets was a chance to flesh out a new cartoon multiverse.

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