Victoria Rowell cherishes an extraordinary scene from My Mother Just About Passed Out

Victoria Rowell cherishes an extraordinary scene from My Mother Just About Passed Out

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Victoria Rowell paid tribute to the great Nichelle Nichols

The Young and the Restless guest star Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Neil Winters' estranged mother Lucinda on The Young and the Restless, passed away last weekend on July 30. She was one of television's greats. When she passed away at 89 from natural causes, the entertainment world turned to social media to share stories and memories of the legendary actress. Victoria Rowell, a fellow cast member of Young & Restless, was one of the celebrities who paid tribute to her.

The actress who played Drucilla remembered how enjoyable it had been to watch Nichols prominently featured on Star Trek as Lt. Uhura while growing up. When she was on film, you could cancel Christmas, Rowell said. "I'm a black girl living on a farm in Maine," I said.The actress continued by describing Nichols as "a highlight" of the program, adding that she had been "a glamorous, confident, flawless black actress [we] watched on our RCA with rabbit ears and crumpled tinfoil antenna." As she paid tribute to the gone legend Nichols, she recalls all the fantastic moments he gave to the cinema.

My mother just about passed out was a great performance by Nichols

When recalling the 1968 kiss between William Shatner's Captain Kirk and Nichols' character in "Plato's Stepchildren," a Season 3 episode, Rowell shouted, "My mother just about passed out. After that, she uttered, "OK, time for bed." Unforgettable.The kiss made a strong message about the rising acceptability of interracial partnerships. It helped shift perceptions about what could and couldn't be aired on American television when the nation was dealing with racism and civil-rights issues, much like today.

Generations will cherish Nichola's first on-screen kiss and other things.And that kiss, as well as all the other contributions Nichols made to the industry, will live on to be appreciated by generations.Rowell paid Nichols tribute by remembering all her great performances

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