Unlocking the world! It’s time to travel! Tourists slow down to visit Japan!

Unlocking the world! It’s time to travel! Tourists slow down to visit Japan!

Updated on August 01, 2022 17:00 PM by Dhinesh

Travel mishaps!

Many countries are gradually reopening with fewer flight cancellations where tourists have been slow to return. In June 2022, Japan reopened too much fanfare in time for the peak of the travel season.

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Before pandemic!

According to Japan’s immigration Services Agency, between 10th June and 10th July, the country welcomed about 1500 leisure tourists. Before the pandemic, it was down by 95% from the same period in 2019.

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Japan is again accessible!

The country permits only leisure tourists to come in organized groups rather than as individuals. People in the West do not prefer spontaneity and don't follow a strict itinerary.

Melissa Musiker!

New York-based public relations professional Melissa Musiker used to travel regularly to Japan. Muskier and her husband have been to Tokyo about six times. In 2022 the pair planned to visit again as they heard the borders were reopening.

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Only Semi-open!

Katie Tam, the co-founder of Arry, helps visitors to Japan score reservations at the home of Tokyo's most-in-demand restaurants like Obama-endorsed Sukiyabashi Jiro and Asia's Best Restaurants list topper Den. Japan was not fully open as they didn't apply for visas.

The countries have mask rules in many areas, and the group tours can be pricey.

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Arry’s users!

Many of the Arry users were Asian travelers living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea before the pandemic, those who visited Japan multiple times a year over a spontaneous weekend.

Get back in touch!

Few members have obtained business travel visas to Japan as they are back in touch with Arry to make bookings. For non-citizens, this is the only way to get into the country as solo visitors, and the advantage of the lack of crowds is to get a spot at restaurants.

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Biggest markets!

The two biggest markets in Japanese tourism are now Thailand and South Korea, according to the Immigration Services Agency. Since June, the biggest refers to a relative about 400 people in each country have visited Japan.

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Effect in China!

Japan is the only country with fewer attacks as the lack of Chinese travelers hits them. Japan's single biggest tourism market was China, a neighboring country with 9.25 million Chinese visiting. China was sealed off, where there were strict quarantine protocols for citizens and foreigners.

Some of the popular destinations for Chinese tourists like Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea have lost out o revenue as one billion plus potential travelers stay home. The financial hub has strict restrictions, including mandatory hotel quarantines for returning residents, but it is easier for tourists to travel from mainland China.

Waiting wings!

Japan decided to reopen individual leisure tourists as 'revenge travel fully' is a catchphrase; it describes during Covid, the people who saved up their money. Now it's on a big bucket list trip. Japan has become one of the wish-list destinations.

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