Travis Scott's London concert is supported by his daughter Stormi and Kylie

Travis Scott's London concert is supported by his daughter Stormi and Kylie

Updated on August 08, 2022 21:39 PM by Ella Bina

We are enjoying our family time very much

Stormi Webster and Kylie Jenner came to the UK to see Travis Scott perform at London's O2 Arena on August 6. Since the catastrophe at his Astroworld Festival in November, the song "Antidote" rapper hasn't performed in an arena alone before.

In an Instagram post on August 6, Kylie included herself and her 4-year-old daughter raising their hands throughout Travis' performance, taking selfies with each other, and giving Travis a group embrace. The Son of the couple wasn't at the event.

BTS by Kylie of Travis's London Concert

Kylie also showed the antics behind closed doors following the show as Stormi and Kylie were present to support Travis at hIs London Concert.

James Harden, Khloe Kardashian's ex, and Kevin Durant are seen in one video clip encouraging an ecstatic Travis inside the venue after the show.

Travis is showered with many bottles of champagne as he makes his way down the hallway while the audience cheers for his success.

Yes! "Harden yells. "The biggest and best in the entire f—king globe. Travis was a happy event with a whole tribe at the London concert.

The couple is Spotted in Sporty wear

Following the event, Kylie switched out her casual wardrobe of a white t-shirt and acid wash jeans for a denim mini-skirt identical to one Kendall Jenner recently wore, a red and white cropped motorcycle jacket, and a pair of strappy, black heels.

Travis dressed similarly to his fiancée and wore a red and white motorbike jacket with the word "riders" written on the back. White pants and sneakers were the finishing touches to his ensemble.

Travis posted a photo of himself and Kylie strolling hand in hand across the venue on his Instagram Story with the comment "riders 4 life." He was sure happy to have his daughter Stormi and Kylie cheer for him at his concert.

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