Travis Barker and Kourtney fly commercial with family while Kylie is accused of Private jet

Travis Barker and Kourtney fly commercial with family while Kylie is accused of Private jet

Updated on August 08, 2022 21:41 PM by Ava Sara

Kourtney's family time

Kourtney and the Travis for Blink-182 took an Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Spokane, Washington, this week. As she boarded the plane full of passengers, the founder of Poosh was spotted wearing sunglasses, giving the impression that she was trying to blend in.

The newlyweds appear to have traveled from Spokane to their home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for some fun in the sun with Kim Kardashian's daughter North and Kourtney's daughter Penelope, whom she shares with ex-Scott Disick.

Sunday is a fun day for the Kardashians

The mother of three captioned a video of herself wakeboarding on Sunday, August 7, on her Instagram Story, "Sunday Funday!"

Their vacation takes place only days after Kim, 41, and Kylie Jenner, 20, came under fire from environmentalists for their excessive use of private jets and the harm they inflicted on the environment.

The SKIMS founder was named No. 7 on a list of the top 10 offenders in a sustainable marketing agency Yard report because her jet had produced an astounding 4268.5 metric tonnes of carbon emissions over 57 flights this year.8

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Kylie took her private jet for a 17min trip

Although neither of these flights beat the 17-minute trip taken by Kylie, Kim's shortest flights are a 38-minute flight to Palm Springs, California, and a 23-minute flight from San Diego, California, to Camarillo, California.

Despite Kylie's Air Despite not making a list, Twitter users quickly criticized the 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur for flaunting her private jet.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star captioned a July 15 Instagram photo of herself and boyfriend Travis Scott standing in front of their two private jets, "You want to take mine or yours?"

A 17-minute flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys airport in LA

A 17min flight was taken by Kylie and Travis, 31, according to the Twitter account @CelebJets, which released this information in the same month and incited a great deal of controversy.

Are you concerned about my plastic straw while Kylie Jenner is on a private flight for 17 minutes? Following the trip's widespread success, one Twitter user wrote. "These are some of the flights Kylie Jenner took this month," another person remarked. Three minutes for flight 1. 2nd flight: 17 min. 3rd flight: 28 min. You are not alone if you do everything you can for the earth but feel "somewhat" outraged by this.

Her single-person carbon footprint. The makeup tycoon was referred to on the internet as a "climate criminal" by some people. "80 percent of Americans have never flown a flight, and Kylie Jenner is out here taking regular 10-minute flights, five flights under 30 minutes in the past week, and one flight that lasted just three minutes," a third Twitter user commented.

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