There was no mention of Lisa Rinna's mother's death on RHOBH

There was no mention of Lisa Rinna's mother's death on RHOBH

Updated on July 27, 2022 17:19 PM by Anthony Christian

There was no airtime given to Lisa Rinna's mother's passing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which upset her a lot. As Rinna was filming this season of the show, she received the news that she was pregnant. In her 93rd year, Lisa Rinna's mother, Lois, passed away after suffering a stroke at the age of 93.

In our view, it is understandable that this must have been very difficult news for her to receive while working, but at her mother's age, we can understand that it is somewhat to be expected. But Rinna feels that it didn't receive enough coverage because it was such a huge loss for her that she felt it wasn't covered enough.

There are a lot of people who would want to mourn in private, but not these ladies. On a few occasions, her mother appeared with her on the show. Her zest for life and warmth made her seem like a genuine woman. Rinna wanted something, but what was it? Her grief to be the focus of a season? I find it difficult to relate to this strange conundrum.

In her Instagram Stories, Lisa Rinna shared her thoughts on the issue. In her essay, Lois said she received one episode of grace and that was it. Rinna said, 'Lois deserved much more.' Lisa then reposted an image from the Pink Pop Box Podcast with the caption, "I'm shocked we spent 3 episodes on the word dark, but only a few scenes are shown on real human grief."

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Trying to comprehend it is quite surreal. The majority of people prefer to keep their grieving and mourning private. However, this is The Real Housewives. Cameras are essential to their happiness.

Last but not least, Lisa Rinna is upset at the Real Housewives producers, but when is she not? Our condolences are extended to her family for her loss, however. It is heartbreaking to lose a parent, no matter their age.

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