The Young And The Restless Recaps: Summer And Kyle Got Surprise

The Young And The Restless Recaps: Summer And Kyle Got Surprise

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Nick thanked Sally at the park for meeting him. He felt sorry that he could only offer a coffee today. Sally identified the situations of what was going on. While Nick reported, Christian asked a few questions about Santa. He told him it was a magical allure, ‘sometimes you can have just a thing to believe in great magic.’

Nick talked about his children being with him. If you continue your job right as a parent, the kids are away a little. If you’re lucky, they return. Sally remarked on the age differences among the kids. Nick laughed, ‘Are you requesting me out.’ Sally assured him and gave each of his children an incredible gift as a parent.

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Summer Welcomed Daniel at Abbott’s home 

Summer welcomed Daniel at the house of Abbott. They both remember how long it has been since we spent our Christmas holiday together. Kyle came and made a joke before Abbott told his brother-in-law about his missing. Kyle turned towards the work and mentioned they would head out. 

Daniel worked on the gaming platform of Chancellor-Winters 

Daniel revealed he was working on a gaming platform on Chancellor-Winters and asked where they would work. Kyle smiled at Summer to keep it a secret. Summer described a Christmas adventure taken by Harrison but will return tomorrow. Kyle headed up to ensure the boy had everything that needs them.

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Daniel seems it difficult to be away from Heather and Lucy 

Summer told Daniel that staying away from Heather and Lucy for the holidays was hard. It’s been unclear about the tension. Hence, she asked whether he needed anything more about what had happened to him. 

At Chelsea’s House 

The boys went to the bedroom to play video games and chat about Billy at Chelsea’s place. At that moment, Adam arrived in the open doorway and said, ‘This is the first picture for the Christmas soul.’ At the same time, Billy explained the exchange of gifts between Chelsea and Johnny. Chelsea told Billy that Adam was going with her while Connor was at dinner. ‘It is only the great boys who are joining with them so well,’ Adam thought. 
The boys appeared and asked Connor if Johnny could connect with them for dinner. Adam said it was fine and also okay with Johnny’s dad.  

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