The synopsis read

The synopsis read

Updated on November 24, 2022 16:42 PM by Andrew Koschiev

"The series will chart the titular heroine's years as a student at the peculiar Nevermore Academy as she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability."

It also prevents a dangerous killing cycle while scaring the town of locals and a solution to the supernatural Mystery involving her parents, which took place 25 years ago. All this while the character is new and stuck in the relationship of the strange student center.

Tyler Treese asked Emma about her character Enid on Wednesday. How did she like working on the script as a prosthetic and seeing it on the screen, the friendship Enid developed, and more?

Emma Myers responded: She said the character of Enid was Prosthetic and real. She spoke about the character of Victor, who shared some similarities to Thing and was capable of doing it like Thing's movements.

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Although Emma added that filming Wednesday and Prosthetics was tricky, she had to hold on to one particular spot, and the crew added the CGI stuff. So Emma enjoyed working on one hand because it was challenging but also different.

Further, Treesa questioned Joy about her character as Bianca. On how she plays the siren and all the challenges that come along with it. Teresa questioned Joy if the character Bianca could have a real relationship and if she could trust someone with so much power.

To which Joy answered: She spoke of her character Bianca in Wednesday as the power the character has to persuade anyone is a bit intimidating. However, all feel the human emotion to be liked and loved.

Even if Bianca can create a relationship by manipulating, it won't last. Hence she is putting effort and make it organic.

Hence Joy said she felt deeply for Bianca, not for the odd things she does; she may look like a liar, but in the end, the character wants to be liked, which JoY connected to. Hence, she plays the character so gracefully.

Treese Questioned Percy about the Mystery of the show Wednesday. She said how everything is suspicious at a point, even Xavier. Given the murder mystery approach, how did Percy take on the Role?

Percy replied that he did approach many scenes in the show Wednesday with the murder mystery. So there were many scenes in the show where Xavier, played by Percy, gets mysterious. So when he was approaching the scenes, he did consider the murder Mystery and acted as if he was the killer.

Hunter was questioned about Filming Wednesday in Romania by Tresse, which was his biggest takeaway from the show.

Hunter Discussed the sets and how they were built from scratch. He did say some of the shots are taken outside of Romania like 

Nevermore Academy. But for him, the coffee shop scene was built in Jericho at a field. Hence the show is beautiful, according to him. The filming of Wednesday is stunning.

To conclude

Hence in the exclusive interview with the star cast of Wednesday, the celebs discussed their characters, the depth, some BTS, and much more. We wish the show all the best and a huge success.

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