The Spooky History of Halloween & its importance!

The Spooky History of Halloween & its importance!

Updated on November 08, 2021 06:22 AM by Emma Alice

On October 31st every year, we can sense spooky vibes in the air, with jack-o'-lanterns or carved pumpkins on the front porches and little children dressing up as witches or ghosts. This tradition has been observed since ancient years. Though celebrated with excellent preparation and enthusiasm, many are not aware of the history of this tradition. Have you wondered where Halloween originated or since when has it been celebrated? Fret not; you have come to the right place! You will find all your answers here. Read on to know everything about the history of this spooky festival that has now gained immense popularity.

    The link between ancient festival of Samhain and Halloween

    Halloween has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, a Gaelic festival that marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter.

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    The God of darkness might be behind Halloween!

    The Celtics believed in the god 'Samhain' and considered him to be the God of darkness.

    Here's why people wear spooky costumes in Halloween!

    October 31st was the end of the year. To celebrate the onset of the new year, the Celtics organized this festival where they believed spirits visited their alive relatives as the boundaries between the living and the dead world became obscure. So to ward off evil spirits, they lit bonfires and wore spooky costumes.

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    Wanna know your future? Go see a soothsayer during Halloween!

    This was also thought to be the best time for soothsayers to predict the future, mainly due to the presence of preternatural spirits.

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    …and just when you thought it can't get any creepier! People in ancient times wore animal heads on Samhain (Halloween)!

    The Celtic priests lit holy bonfires where people gathered and offered sacrifices to the deities. While this was being done, they wore costumes made of animal heads and skin.

    When Christianity came in

    Around the 8th century, Pope Gregory III decided that every November 1st would be dedicated to honouring all saints. The day came to be known as "All Saints Day," and it blended in a few traditions of the Samhain festival of the Celtics.

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    Feast of the Saints

    "All Saints Day" was also called "All-Hallows."

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    How the word "Halloween" came into existence

    The evening of All Saints Day was called All-Hallow's eve. The meaning of All Hallows is "saints' feast." This way, the word eventually became Halloween.

    No longer religious

    Even though, it started off as a religious ritual, in today's world Halloween is hardly associated with any religion or religious practices.

    All about fun now!

    It has evolved into a holiday where people dress up and organize Halloween-themed parties for fun with activities like trick-or-treating. It is now trendy among children.

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