The reveal that Felicia is not Esme's mother on General Hospital has opened a Pandora's Box of possibilities

The reveal that Felicia is not Esme's mother on General Hospital has opened a Pandora's Box of possibilities

Updated on July 30, 2022 16:37 PM by Ella Bina

It had been months since General Hospital had set us up to believe that somehow Esme's mother was Felicia, aka the onetime object of Daddy Dearest Ryan's affections, aka the woman Esme's mother is. On the other hand, the July 27 episode of the show pulled the rug right out from under us when he admitted that he did not even know the real name of the mystery woman with whom the she-devil was conceived when he admitted that he did not know her real name either.

The shock was overwhelming. Beyond that, I am intrigued. It occurred to us, “What kind of woman would be comfortable with a serial killer?” Our first instinct was to guess her identity as soon as we heard her name. However, since it was only a few months ago that Ryan replaced his twin brother Kevin, it is unlikely that she is someone already in Port Charles, given how recently Kevin had been replaced. Ryan would likely have spotted his lost love during those days of terror if she was there.

There are lots of possibilities if it must be someone new on the show, some of which include casting a greatly missed veteran on daytime, someone who can play the role of an enticing riddle wrapped in an enigma, one who can play a character that will captivate.

Whenever I think of Crystal Chappell as ex-Carly on Days of Our Lives, I immediately think of her. Similarly, Roberta Weiss, who was once Flame on Santa Barbara, has said the same thing. As well as Cady McClain, who played Jennifer on Days of Our Lives for the most recent season.

It wouldn't be for anything, but how much fun would it be for fans if the real-life marrieds and former Castmates of As the World Turns reconnected Madame X is sure to stir up at least as much trouble as her conniving daughter - if not more.

Then again, what kind of off-kilter beauty would be drawn to the darkness that has always surrounded Ryan Will Esme be disappointed to learn that Pop is the lesser of the two evils her parents represent


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