The Recent Statistics On COVID-19 News And Case Numbers

The Recent Statistics On COVID-19 News And Case Numbers

Updated on November 26, 2022 09:43 AM by Michael Davis

A new report is disclosed now so we can be aware of the recent Covid-19 cases in Australian territory. It came into effect on Friday, November 25, 2022, reported by each jurisdiction of Australia last week. Instead of studying throughout the day, it reveals a weekly analysis. Let’s take a look:

The Analysis of Australian territories

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Various states show their prediction. Though, some states are arriving at some conclusions. New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and South Australia. 
The New South Wales records a prediction of 25 Covid-19 deceased cases, which reduces 39 from the last week. On average, there are approximately 31,531 new covid-19 cases, showing an increase of 27,869 from last week. On the other hand, Victoria analyzes around 22,281 new cases while it records 68 deaths. But, in the last week, it was emerged out 20,398 new cases emerged. On the other hand, 46 were deceased cases.
In Victoria, it records 430 daily hospitalizations, while in New South Wales, it is around 1,320. Intensive care, there are 32 people in NSW for covid-19 intensive care, while 15 in Victoria.

 Covid-19 Case numbers In Other States 

One state of Queensland records over 10,082 new cases this week and 14 deaths. On November 23, 312 covid-19 people suffered, including 8 in intensive care. As per sources, it is found that the Australian Capital Territory records 1,757 new covid-19 cases while no death records were reported. Currently, 34 people have been admitted to the hospital, where one is in the ICU.
Northern Territory records 329 new COVID-19 cases in the last week, while 2,712 cases in Tasmania. Twenty-five people were hospitalized, and two are in ICU in Tasmania. In contrast, 15 people were hospitalized, and the Northern Territory found no deaths. 
As per records, 15 deaths were found in Western Australia in October, with 10,520 new cases, while 195 people were hospitalized and 12 in ICU. South Australia found 9,000 new cases, two deaths, 11 in ICU and 140 people hospitalized. 

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