The Reasons Why Fans Of 90 Day Fiancé Forgive Debbie Johnson Too Quickly

The Reasons Why Fans Of 90 Day Fiancé Forgive Debbie Johnson Too Quickly

Updated on January 02, 2023 15:10 PM by Andrew Koschiev

After joining the franchise, Debbie Johnson underwent a dramatic transformation after joining the franchise, but it may not have deserved her redemption arc. Her extreme makeover may have helped fans forget how damaging her behavior was.

Despite the role Debbie played in her son's estrangement, some fans sympathize with Debbie's deteriorating relationship with him. During season 6, Colt brought Larissa Lima and Debbie to Las Vegas to live, leading to tensions between them. Since Colt is a mama's boy, tensions grow between them.

While the relationship ended in violent fights, some viewers sought justice for Larissa. Debbie then got a break and appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life seasons 2 and 3. During her search for love, Debbie became much more likable.

The Problematic Debbie Johnson

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  • During 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life and season 6, Debbie intervened in Colt's relationship with Larissa.
  • Colt and Jess Caroline Hanvey had a brief romance before he married Vanessa Guerra during the last installment.
  • With Debbie, everyday guilt trips and petty door slams were a part of Debbie's legendary screaming matches with Larissa.
  • Debbie didn't want to let go of Colt when his girlfriends threatened him. Debbie appeared unwilling to give up on Colt.

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Debbie Johnson doesn't deserve Redemption

  • Debbie interfered with Colt's marriage as Colt was married to Vanessa. As a result, Colt and Debbie's relationship came to an end.
  • According to Vanessa on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life season 3, Colt expected her to become Debbie's mother as part of their marriage.
  • Colt's mother sobbed and held onto her boyfriend, Tony Starcevich, as the pair blamed Debbie for ruining their marriage.
  • Vanessa was indifferent to Debbie's tears because her problematic behavior had negatively affected her relationship with Colt.

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Be aware of problematic behavior

  • It was easy for fans of 90 Day Fiancé to sympathize with Debbie as she reoriented herself as a girlfriend who loved her partner rather than a mother who was overly involved.
  • Debbie's problematic behavior should not be overlooked, even though she seems to have softened during her dating journey.
  • Even though Debbie looks drastically different from when she first met fans, she is still the same tough, argumentative woman beneath that flowing red hair and butterfly tattoo.

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