The jaw-dropping little black dress Majorie wears on Family Feud stunned fans

The jaw-dropping little black dress Majorie wears on Family Feud stunned fans

Updated on July 27, 2022 18:45 PM by Dhinesh

He couldn't find the right words to describe his feelings. Marjorie Harvey is always in Steve Harvey's mind when it comes to his wife, Steve Harvey. He was left speechless by one of her latest fashion looks, and the crowd was abuzz with talk about it.

The 15-year-old couple visited Paris earlier this month to see the newest fashion trends and to show off their memorable outfits. In contrast to Family Feud's signature suits, Marjorie wore little black dresses and flowing dresses night after night.

Wearing a dark mini dress and a shoulder cover-up, she walked out hand-in-hand with the TV personality on July 9. In addition to heels and a mini bag, she completed the look.

During the same period, Steve was seen wearing a purple tracksuit-inspired outfit. A seemingly out-of-word caption accompanied the clip. The content in this post was imported from Instagram.

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Despite skipping a beat, Family Feud fans weighed in on the topic. You're all doing a great job! One more added, "We ain't prepared at all.". A different fan said, "They're the ones I love the most.".In addition, Marjorie shared a glimpse of the two enjoying one another's company in a limo.

On the way to their next destination, it looks like the fun continued. It looks as if Marjorie and Steve are in the middle of laughing in the picture. She described the moment in her writing as "my baby."

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It was clear during this occasion that Steve was at a loss for words, but he nonetheless spoke about what she meant to him to Good Housekeeping.'Marjorie changed my life,' he told us, and I owe her a very deep debt of gratitude.

Having to hear me say that is fine if people get tired of hearing it. The facts are the facts... [She is] the one. It seems to me that even if I lost everything, she would stay with me and we could rebuild it from scratch. I know she would."

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