The Instagram Killer: Is Kylie Jenner on her way

The Instagram Killer: Is Kylie Jenner on her way

Updated on July 29, 2022 18:58 PM by Anthony Christian

Kylie Jenner, now 24 years old, admitted to being over Snapchat shortly after tweeting about it in 2018. People listened when Jenner attacked Instagram's recent shift to video this week - she demanded to make Instagram "insert again," and ditch an unpopular shift to make it more like TikTok.

There is no way to imagine either the Kardashians or Instagram existing without the other. According to MJ Corey, who runs the Kardashian Kolloquium Instagram and TikTok accounts that take an academic view of the Kardashian clan, when Instagram first launched people took pictures of their meals.

The food pictures were bucking, Kim Kardashian said. I guess she still revels in vanity at the time. The selfie queen publishes a book about selfies to stake a claim on selfies. People like faces more than food, and it's an instinct. Instagram is what it is because she stoked the flame.

" Kardashian has a successful line of shapewear, and Jenner is pretty dang rich thanks to her cosmetics empire, although Forbes magazine called her a "self-made billionaire," as the magazine did on a 2019 cover.

The Forbes investigation found that Jenner isn't a billionaire.  Although Jenner pushed back, it's a good reminder to take reports of her success and influence lightly. As for the Snapchat stock tanking episode: There's plenty of reason to doubt she was solely responsible. A 2018 Vox piece described Jenner's criticism of Instagram's unpopular redesign, so she is not the only one who has concerns about Instagram's current direction.

Despite Jenner's points about Snapchat and Instagram, there is one interesting contrast. Jenner was a popular Snapchat user at its height. It helped make her a Gen Z icon, so she praised it. As a result, she rarely opened it. Jenner's plea is self-centered. Her family and she love Instagram, so she wants no changes.

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The Kardashians are probably threatened by Instagram trying to keep up with TikTok because of its algorithm and overall structure, which are not what is known about the Kardashians and how they dominate these industries. “They've made their lives grid-friendly. What do they do—dance, follow trends? Can they peek into my life via vlogging? That's already in the show. "There is a real dilemma."

You know all those old millennials who don't use TikTok. The Kardashians are more likely to fear TikTok than millennials, even though Kim Kardashian is on the cusp of Gen X, and Kylie Jenner is firmly in Gen Z, Corey said. She has evolved since her Snapchat days: In her Snapchat days, she represented the youth of the family, but now she is a mother and owns a private jet.

The Kardashians and Jenners are so influential, that it seems they should do more than re-post memes in their Stories to protest Instagram's recent changes. Corey said these could be private conversations. According to Corey, Kardashian lobbied Jack Dorsey for Twitter to add an editing feature.

The hoi polloi might also be motivated by Kardashian and Jenner's criticism of Instagram. Despite this, the Kardashians can't completely ignore TikTok since millions of hoi polloi are heading over to it anyway.

Before we saw them make any moves towards TikTok, I could almost feel their anxiety," Corey said. Their kids were finally used.  They looked at TikTok and said, 'This is for younger kids,' so I think they were the liaison. It's a Gen Z app. Do we matter to Gen Z in any way?’ Mason, Penelope, and North were the first Kardashian kids on TikTok. Many of the adult Kardashians now have their accounts. Their Instagrams are more popular, but not as much as their blogs.

source: slate

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