The General Hospital spoilers for 7/29/22 reveal that Ava confronts Esme!

The General Hospital spoilers for 7/29/22 reveal that Ava confronts Esme!

Published on July 30, 2022 17:35 PM by Anthony Christian

See what's in store for a must-see episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL! Ava gives Esme what she deserves after Brando blows up at Sasha.Brick is genuinely curious to find out who Dex is and what he is doing with Sonny when he intercepts him at Volonino's Gym. "I'm sure you have a lot to say," Brick says suspiciously.

The decision Sonny is about to make seems pretty clear to him despite this. It looks like I've found someone," he says. Could Dex replace Jason as his right-hand man? It's exactly what Michael wants!

Willow has been reeling ever since TJ shared his concerns about her health and how her problems are not related to her pregnancy. I was wondering what you're looking for.”she asks the doctor. What could be wrong with her, according to TJ? Is it possible to help her?

Sasha feels smothered by Brando during her rehab therapy session, but he will not back down. It's hard for me to say. It may be necessary to control you!” he snaps angrily. Is he going too far?

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She could see exactly what kind of person Trina is and what she is and isn't capable of when she took the stand at her trial. She was then exonerated by Spencer's offer to testify again.

The video couldn't have been distributed by Trina, he claims. An unexpected turn in the trial leaves the courtroom awash in confusion. How could this have happened?” Portia asks Taggert, stunned.

Although she was furious with Nikolas for being weak and allowing Esme to seduce him, her real venom was reserved for the schemer herself!

Esme is packing her bags to leave Wyndemere, and Ava won't let her go without saying something. The blonde taunts, "I see I pushed a button."

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