The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers of August 4: Brooke and Ridge's marriage drama

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers of August 4: Brooke and Ridge's marriage drama

Updated on August 04, 2022 19:02 PM by Michael Davis

Brief spoilers

Spoilers of The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Thursday episode, August 4, bother that Brooke Forrester will overreact over Hope Spencer's image while Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes send a concealed mystery kiss.

B&B fans realize Hope needed to catch the delight she was feeling alongside her folks at Forrester Creations.

Different thoughts on Taylor's family photo

Brooke saw the family photograph Taylor posted of Steffy Forrester, John "Finn" Finnegan, and the children, so she showed it off and got out the word. Trust posted a photograph with a grinning Brooke and Deacon Sharpe too, so Taylor hesitantly let Ridge see the pic before long.

There's presumably Ridge's disturbance over that photograph assumed a part in why he just kissed Taylor. Ridge and Taylor's delight over Steffy feeling great again was likewise an element.

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Taylor and Ridge make moments

The beautiful scenery of Monaco added to this kiss, so everything cooperated to ensure "Tridge" locked lips. These exes are presumably going to rationalize the sizzling second they shared.

Ridge and Taylor could try and make a settlement of quiet after recognizing they just made a decent memory.

Unexpected happening

In any case, there'll be a few ungainliness as Taylor and Ridge attempt to conceal their science shift before Steffy, who'll see their new energy at any rate. Back in Los Angeles, Brooke will make a disturbing revelation.

Brooke wasn't anticipating Hope to impact that image all over virtual entertainment, so she'll, without doubt, face her little girl.

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Enough damage happened to Ridge

Brooke might contend that she thought Hope needed an image for her pleasure. Maybe Brooke will push Hope to bring it down since Ridge could see and get some unacceptable thoughts.

Sadly, the harm has been finished since Ridge saw it and thought Brooke looked excessively comfortable with Deacon. Hope won't have the foggiest idea about that, yet she might make light of it as a guiltless family photograph and urge Brooke to relax.

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The marriage drama

By and by, Brooke realizes her significant other outrageously well since Ridge rushed to kiss Taylor minutes after the photograph was posted!

Spoilers of The Bold and the Beautiful say Brooke and Ridge will have more marriage show to figure out, so remain tuned.

Brooke too cheated

Unfortunately, Brooke will be squashed. Gracious, sure, she duped too on New Year's Eve when she was essentially medicated by Sheila Carter's mark trade and wasn't sane. She could never accomplish something so prurient in any case, correct?

Talking about Brooke, she has one more wreck on her hands. She's anxious over the little post her girl set up that became famous online. The preferences and offers are coming in, and with each heart response, hers almost stops. Trust Logan Spencer genuinely messed up.

Questions that need answers

This is not a decent look, and Brooke is certain annoying her significant other is going. However, what's Brooke going to do about it? Is it past the point of no return for her to request Hope erase the post and imagine it didn't work out? Has it been shared too often?

Wasn't it only half a month prior that Ridge moved home, committed once again himself to Brooke Logan Forrester, and promised to attempt to save their marriage? Indeed, it was. Why would he say he is messing about despite her good faith? Indeed, because he's Ridge, that is the reason. Ridge will do what Ridge will do.

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