The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn Prepares to reunite with Steffy again after a long time

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn Prepares to reunite with Steffy again after a long time

Updated on July 27, 2022 12:33 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL spoilers reveal that it is finally time for a long-awaited reunion to take place between two long-lost friends on the show. While Li is telling everyone that Finn is genuinely alive, Sheila seems like she can make a little sense out of him. Is she going to let Finn and Steffy reunite with each other?

As Finn awoke from his coma, he was shocked to find Sheila taking care of him instead of him, and when he found out that she had been keeping Li's secret and had let her die, something even worse came to light. She gently assures her son that she loves him very much and that she will always love him.

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Despite this, Finn is desperate to escape Sheila's clutches and reunite with his family as soon as possible. The man begs him to prove it. It's time for me to go home. It's time for me to be with my family again." And Sheila looks a little guilty as she realizes she's hurting her son once again in trying to save him.

While Bill is rescuing Li, she joins everyone else and shares the news of what she did with them. Hope, Liam, and Bill are assured that he is not dead by her words. The news has almost assailed them; Finn’s alive!” It is no surprise that they are all shocked by this news, and Hope gasps in disbelief: “Finn is alive?”

The heart-shaped locket Steffy carries contains photographs of her and Finn as well as her son and daughter, which she lovingly looks at on a cliff overlooking the ocean. She has no idea that her husband is still alive and desperate to find her, despite mourning his passing! Into the phone, he says, "Steffy, I'm on my way.".

"It won't be long and we'll be together."We don't want you to miss anything out this week of B&B, so make sure to follow our Facebook page for updates so you won't miss anything out. We hope this teaser is just a taste of what's to come this week at B&B.

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