The Backstory of Rian Johnson's ‘Pissed Off’ Response to ‘Knives Out’ Sequel ‘Glass Onion’

The Backstory of Rian Johnson's ‘Pissed Off’ Response to ‘Knives Out’ Sequel ‘Glass Onion’

Published on December 29, 2022 19:04 PM by Anthony Christian

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The Knives Out franchise was successful thanks to Rian Johnson, but the Glass Onion sequel isn't perfect in every way.

Johnson, 49, acknowledged that he wasn't pleased with the title for the follow-up to Knives Out in an interview with news sources that was released on Monday, December 25.

He spoke of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mysteryand said, "I've tried hard to make them self-contained. "To be completely honest, I find it annoying that our book's title is A Knives Out Mystery. Are you aware? What I want to do is just call it Glass Onion.

"I get it, and I want everyone who enjoyed the first movie to know this is next in the series, but again, the whole draw to me is it's a new novel off the shelf every time," the producer stated. But serialized storytelling has a thousand-sun gravitational pull.

When the first Knives Out movie was released in 2019, it quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. In the murder mystery, Daniel Craig played master detective Benoit Blanc, who looks into the inexplicable death of a well-known fictional author.

Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Jaeden Martell, Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, Don Johnson, LaKeith Stanfield, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plumme, and others appeared in the first edition of the series.

Craig, 54, was rehired by Johnson for the anthology series when Netflix acquired the rights to the following two Knives Out movies.

The murders involving a software billionaire and his old acquaintances were the subject of the earlier this month released film Glass Onion. Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson, and Dave Bautista were among the actors who appeared in the sequel.

Johnson gave an explanation of why he preferred not to link the stories beyond Craig's character before Glass Onion debuted.

He explained this to news sources  in September: "Part of the joy of these things is the idea that they're not sequels, they're whole new books and they're fully new stories."

"To me, the concept for the next one — and I'm going to try to stay in this state of mind as I write it — it's about just trying to produce something that shocks us and, ideally, will surprise the public and so thrill the audience. It isn't about attempting to surpass the last one."

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