The Bachelorette: Find Out The Heartfelt Reason Gabby Windey Said Goodbye To Nate

The Bachelorette: Find Out The Heartfelt Reason Gabby Windey Said Goodbye To Nate

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A trip to Amsterdam ended the road for a Bachelorette frontrunner. With native dates on the horizon, Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and their remaining suitors from Belgium to the Netherlands.

Gabby Difficult Discussion With Nate

Before the commemoration could get underway, it was time for Gabby to have a difficult conversation with Nate. He had been one of Gabby's best contenders throughout the process.

Earlier in the season, Nate held up to Gabby about his 6-year-old daughter at home. Despite her feelings for Nate, Gabby warmed whether or not she was ready to be a mother.

It's going to get harder. Gabby never wanted to say goodbye, and Gabby told Nate while seated on a bench next to the water. However, Gabby think we are just at two different places in our life. It's not you, and it's me. I know it is so cliché. I'm terrified of not being a mom but being bad at it.

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Gabby’s Emotional Moment Explanation

Gabby became very spiritual, explaining that she didn't want to string Nate along, especially with hometown dates and a potential face-to-face meeting with his daughter looming.

She wants to go into motherhood knowing 100 percent, Gabby continued. She can't say that she does right now. However, Rachel chose Zach for her one-on-one date in Amsterdam, which did not sit well with Tino.

You cannot help when you do not get the date card to be like, 'What the f--k? Tino said. Right now, I'm privileged to know that the scoreboard this week reads that Zach wins the amazing one-on-one. And it's his second one. It is pretty gutting.

After an afternoon spent galloping through tulip fields and a dreamy dinner in the middle of an art museum, in which Zach revealed he recently lost 85 pounds and the two bonded over their appreciation for the value of therapy, Rachel gave Zach a rose and an official invite to hometown dates next week.

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After a spiritual goodbye to Nate, Gabby treated her remaining guys to a group date that was supposed to be sexy but ended up incredibly awkward. After entering a dark room, I introduced them to a sex expert dressed in all-leather and holding a huge whip.

Sexual Fetishes With Their Bunch Of Different Exercises

They put the men through various exercises meant to test their sexual fetishes. Johnny was the only guy to embrace the experience, while the others mostly giggled and looked uncomfortable.

Gabby was hoping today would be the deep dive into who we are and what we represent, Logan said. I'm blindfolded, lying on a shag carpet, waiting for her to rub whipped cream on my nipples.

Speaking of Logan, host Jesse Palmer disclosed to Gabby that, after the group date, Logan had tested positive for COVID, forcing that evening's cocktail party to be postponed.

Logan's next on the show was never expressly addressed; however, it does not appear that he will return to the competition.

When it came time for Rachel's group date, she took her guys to "the world capital of cheese to see who could naturally lift the most amount of cheese for the longest amount of time.

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Rachel is worth any test, Tino said. If I have to smell like cheese the rest of the day, I'm willing to do it. That was good news for Tino because he won the contest and was ultimately named the Cheese King. However, it all came crashing down for the Cheese King when Tyler was awarded Rachel's rose at the cocktail party.

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The Rose Ceremony

I'm at a loss for words, Tino raged. She doesn’t f--king get it. I hit every point today and had amazing moments. We were talking about how she feels so strongly about me. Gabby can't see something connecting on a deeper level than that.

When it came time for the rose ceremony, the Cheese King received Rachel's final rose, earning him a hometown date. Rachel also gave a rose to Aven, meaning Ethan was sent packing.

Gabby handed out roses to Erich, Jason, and Johnny, which left Spencer empty-handed and eliminated. Pack your bags and be ready for the most hometown dates in Bachelor Nation history when The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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