The Abortion dispute caused Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to cut off

The Abortion dispute caused Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to cut off

Updated on August 08, 2022 21:34 PM by Ava Sara

As fans are aware, Radar Online reports that Hasselbeck's increasingly far-right views are rubbing against Goldberg's liberal leanings. According to Radar, the tension increased after Wednesday's broadcast, which included a discussion of abortion rights.

Politics play a significant role in  "The View"

Hasselbeck asserted that she believed God has a purpose for life, regardless of how it is produced. At the same time, Goldberg, a fervent advocate for abortion rights, restated her opinion on the freedom to choose.

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Whoopi didn't like being stopped by Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck cut her off before she could continue to voice her opinions, infuriated Goldberg. Hasselbeck continued to exhibit her ideological behavior by saying she didn't want to concur with Goldberg.

According to gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi, the two allegedly ceased communicating during the commercial break, as reported by Radar. They were allegedly the only hosts that avoided interacting with one another. Goldberg cannot take no for an answer, it seems, given the abortion dispute.

The abortion dispute caused the clash between the two

Given how controversial Hasselbeck's stint on "The View" evolved, it's not a stretch to think this would have happened.

The View's producers, however, have been determined to foster dissent and controversy, as evidenced by their choice to make former Trump administration official Alyssa Farah Griffin one of the program's permanent co-hosts. She will take over for Meghan McCain, another of The View's controversial hosts, along with Ana Navarro. The latter is now a permanent member of the cast.

The View is open to all opinions and views of everyone

Fans of the show are keen for the producers to avoid filling vacancies or showing segments with hatred and perilous political beliefs, like what viewers were privy to at the height of the coronavirus misinformation campaign, as Shadow and Act Unscripted has reported on numerous occasions.

Many supporters declared on social media that they would boycott the company if Farah Griffin were employed. Some people have stated that they will stop watching the show now that she has been employed. Whoopi wants her word to be the final one that can't happen all the time, and the abortion dispute between her and Hasselbeck had them by thorns.

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