The 90-Day Fiance Big Ed Gets The Love For His Water Babies

The 90-Day Fiance Big Ed Gets The Love For His Water Babies

Updated on July 30, 2022 15:25 PM by Ella Bina

As of late, 90 Day, Fiance star Big Ed Brown has been attracting a lot of attention, especially since he started selling his farts. The fact that he had previously stated he was considering running for office appeared to be disgusting, so fans slammed him.

As a result, he got some love last week when he got to go swimming with some "water babies." As soon as he appeared on the show, fans didn't seem to mind him. He seemed amusing and a bit eccentric. The new TLC star, however, was shamed by some because of a syndrome commonly referred to as "short neck."

However, later on, more people were critical of him. This occurred when he mistreated Rose Vega and her family. As such, fans understood why he said once he knew a woman who threw a brick at him. As well as outing Rose as bi on national television, the 90 Day Fiance star irritated fans.

How did she handle that and did she ever forgive him? She did. As she stated during Pride Month, if it wasn't for his bad behavior, she may not be where she is today. Remember that fans flocked to her after the split and now she has a thriving fan base following her.

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He eventually moved on with other women and never made it to the altar with her, but in the meantime, he moved on with other women. The dog, on the other hand, loves him very much. Aside from outing Rose as Bi on national television, the 90 Day Fiance star also irritated fans when he made it a point to out him.

Has she ever gotten over that and been able to forgive him? The answer seems to be yes, it seems as though she did. As she stated during Pride Month, she might not be where she is today, if he had not acted in a bad manner toward her.

Remember, after the split between her and her husband, fans were flocking to follow her on Instagram. During this period, he moved on with other women and never reached the altar to say his vows to any of them. Despite this, he is very loved by his dog. Those who love dogs, like 90 Day Fiance fans, gushed over the adorable photo.

The hotel has a very pet-friendly staff. As Big Ed Brown captioned, “ vacation spot in Palm springs!” As Jenelle Evans says, some trolls are bound to turn up because they can. The photo was, however, hailed as very cute by a lot of fans. The dogs also seemed to enjoy playing with being water babies with them.

There were a lot of red hearts posted by 90-Day Fiance fans who commented. One of them said, "some love for big Ed!" and I completely agree with him.

Do not listen to the haters, they are only jealous, don't let them get to you..."ED wrote to another fan, "Very nice picture ED." Meanwhile, another follower mentioned he should contact them to see how they are doing.

As they wrote, "Ed!" There have been two beagle lab rescues taken in by the SD humane society just in the last few days. There might be one puppy that needs your help out there!” It would be great if the TLC star would consider that. There is no denying that he is a dog lover at heart, even if his haters say otherwise. 

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