Sutton Stracke of RHOBH favors Lissa Rinna and explains her anger issues

Sutton Stracke of RHOBH favors Lissa Rinna and explains her anger issues

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Sutton debuted on the popular franchise as a 'friend of' Lisa Rinna

Sutton earned her diamond in season 11 when she formally enrolled as a housewife. The women were immediately enthralled by her eccentric charisma, distinctive sense of style, and enormous fortune.

Sutton rapidly caused a stir among the other women, especially after a group trip altercation with Crystal Minkoff. Sutton and Crystal got into a violent argument when Sutton accused Crystal of being the kind of person who doesn't notice color. To the viewers' surprise, who became fans, Sutton's argument demonstrated that she is a capable sparring partner and does not hold back.

Sutton's issue with Lisa Rinna, RHOBH season 12, has been difficult

Lisa and Sutton have never agreed on anything. In their honesty and readiness to defend themselves, the two strong women complement one another nicely. According to Sutton, they argued over who had purchased tickets for Lisa and her husband, Harry Hamlin, to attend Elton John's charity event. On the other hand, Lisa insisted that Sutton didn't do that and that she and Harry had paid their entrance fees. The miscommunication sparked numerous sarcastic remarks, which intensified into a major altercation.

Sutton considered the friction between her and Lisa and made an educated guess about the source of the resentment. Sutton shed light on the circumstances surrounding Lisa's case by stating that she thinks a large portion of Lisa's animosity was grief over losing her mother, Lois, and that Lisa used Sutton as a conduit for the feelings she was experiencing as a result of the loss. "I believe Lisa was mourning this season, and periods of grief have plenty of ebbs and flows," Sutton said.

Lisa has criticized Bravo for how they handled Lois' passing

One show episode was devoted to paying homage to Lisa's mother, but Lisa thought the franchise could have done more. Sutton could distinguish between Lisa's actual resentment of her and her broader resentment of going through her mother's death. She stated, "I think there's some genuine fury, but I also think that anger is amplified because of everything that's going on in her personal life."

Sutton has arguments with Lisa and deals with significant drama from Diana Jenkins, a newbie. Diana tried to use every chance to undermine Sutton, which he eventually challenged. Fortunately, Sutton had her tough friend Garcelle Beauvais to lean on. Sutton and Garcelle have remained close, and fans adore their partnership. 

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